January 18, 2010

Cleaning Schedule

Wow, this blog has certainly been neglected...a cleaning schedule, never had one. Actually, I have had the following schedule for what is going on 2 years but never actually followed it. Now that I am trying to take control of my life, I thought I would give it a try, and time how long it takes me to do each task, because, as I have suspected, so far it doesn't take nearly as long as I think it does. (I will be updating as I do it.)

Daily (sans Sunday)
Vacuum downstairs (35 minutes)
Sweep & wipe bathrooms
Wipe down kitchen counters
Clean kitchen sink

Laundry load
Plan meals for week
Make grocery list
Quick dust downstairs (main floor)
Wash kitchen floor (20 minutes)

Laundry load
Clean out/wipe down fridge (before garbage man comes)
Grocery shop
Prep food

Quick dust downstairs
Dust & Vacuum bedrooms
Wash/change sheets

Clean all bathrooms
Laundry load

Polish furniture
Wipe windows/glass surfaces

Laundry load

Enjoy my clean house