January 29, 2009

My Laundry Routine

Why am I telling you this?

Because it works for me, so why not share?

I love schedules - they motivate me to get things done - and let's face it, housework is not very exciting - which is another reason for this blog - talking about it and reading about it are motivators also.

I have bounced back and forth between a designated laundry day and a load-a-day strategy.

I have a well and septic, which does not fare well with doing laundry all at once, but I do have a front-loader washer which uses much less water and makes it feasible.

I used to spend Mondays planning meals and grocery shopping while my washer and dryer did the work.

However, I have switched to the load or two-a-day method for two reasons:

The dirty clothing piles take up less room


We can get away with less clothing (not on our bodies, but in our closets) because it is not "tied up" in a dirty laundry pile.

So, here is my laundry schedule which I just perfected:

Monday - colored clothing
Tuesday - towels
Wednesday - colored clothing
Thursday - whites & lights
Friday - colored clothing
Saturday - towels and sheets
Sunday - a day of rest for me, the washer & the dryer

My plan during tax season is to get a load in before I leave for early-morning seminary and have them dried, folded, and put away before I leave for work.

Now some might think I need a life for spending time contemplating a good laundry schedule, but is very helpful when your teenager tells you his/her favorite jeans have to be washed immediately and you can respond - "you know the schedule".

Now, to just stick to it...

Getting those Yellow Veggies

I've had various winter squashes (that word just doesn't seem right) sitting in my pantry for a month(s). I buy them because I know they are good for you, and I actually like them, but... I've never mastered the art of cooking them. Once in awhile I'll buy it from the store already peeled and cut in chunks, but I'm trying to save some $$$ and cut up chunks of squash do not last long in one's pantry, certainly not a month(s). So, behold, I found some great info on one of my favorite blogs The Lazy Organizer. She wrote a post on making baby food, which is not necessary in my house, as my kids are ages 15, 12, and 10, and we all still have our teeth, but within that post she wrote about steaming the squash. Follow the link - she has great pictures.

So, I steamed it, peeled it, mashed it up with a fork, and added butter and brown sugar. It hit 3 out of 4 of my "what will make me want to try it" criteria (in order of importance), it was




The only one it missed was

my kids will eat it

Trust me, there are not many things that make that category.

This post was part of the Lazy Organizer's Talk about Tuesday carnival.

Give it a look.

Oh, and if you have a hard time cutting up the uncooked squash, it helps to have a sharp knife. But you probably already knew that.
I have to learn things the hard way.