February 28, 2015

February Menu

Sun Feb 01 tacos, veggie platter
Mon Feb 02  Pasta, salad
Tue Feb 03   swim meet, track NVLs?, pick up at high school  slow cooker bbq pork, baked beans, coleslaw, corn
Wed Feb 04  Youth Group, toasted roast beef subs, carrot sticks
Thu  Feb 05  Scouts, ham, baked potatoes w/ melted cheese, peas
Fri   Feb 06:  Swim meet:  pizza
Sat  Feb 07:  temple trip?: eat out (chicken soup as a backup)
Sun Feb 08:  church: lasagna, salad, garlic rolls
Mon  Feb 09:  work:  spaghetti, salad
Tue  Feb 10:  work, swim meet: pork roast, egg noodles, peas
Wed  Feb 11: work, youth group:  sandwiches, carrot sticks
Thu  Feb 12: work, swim practice: chicken quesadillas, corn
Fri  Feb 13:  groceries, work from home, swim meet, senior night:  hot dogs, beans, potato salad
Sat  Feb 14:  youth dance, dinner out or dinner in?, hmm, it's supposed to snow: raviolis, garlic bread, salad, just in case (save for Monday if I don't need it)
Sun  Feb  15:  church: breakfast for dinner (pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage)
Mon Feb 16:  work:  pasta, salad, bread
Tue Feb 17:  work:  pot roast, potatoes, carrots
Wed Feb 18:  work, youth group:  sandwiches/fast food
Thu Feb 19:  work, scouts:  grilled cheese, tomato soup
Fri Feb 20: boys are camping, mom gets a break
Sat Feb 21: boys are camping, mom gets a break
Sun Feb 22: church, inservice training: chili
Mon Feb 23:  pasta, salad
Tue  Feb 24:  pork roast, gravy, egg noodles, peas
Wed Feb 25:  sandwiches
Thu Feb 26:  hot dogs, baked beans, coleslaw
Fri Feb 27:  Visit Mom, pick up Chinese/pizza
Sat Feb 28:  Fast

February 9, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday February 9 2015

It's still winter, folks. Now, I can complain that Mother Nature is being too hard on us, but the fact is that we have had three day (minimum) weekends for three weeks now. It also means that I am not getting paid today, but I choose to look on the bright side. Plus, I have a bookkeeping job waiting for me that I can work on today. So, it is time for Happy Homemaker Monday, from Sandra at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom

The weather outside is snowy! Yes, we are supposed to get another 4-8, 12, 24 inches (I've seen all of those predictions, although I think the 24 inches is predicted for the Boston area) of snow today. It will be snowing all day with just a few short breaks in between. My husband cleared the driveway this morning with the snowblower before leaving for work, one son just left for work, and my remaining two are home and are the designated shovel pushers. That makes me the designated cookie baker. The snow shovelers need cookies when they come in, after all. It looks like we will have one day that will reach 33 degrees, but other than that, we will stay below freezing. This weekend it will get into the negative numbers overnight. I am grateful that I have a home with heat, running water, and electricity. It could be so much worse. Meanwhile, my daughter has had classes canceled for the fourth? day. She said last year they did not cancel once.

On the breakfast plate this morning was waffles with peanut butter. And water. I have caught this virus that is going around and have been coughing almost constantly. Water seems to be the only thing that helps, so I have been sipping several glasses a day. At least it is good for me.

As I look outside my window I see, wait for it, snow. I will show you.

Right now I am writing this post while I cough and wash clothes. My two high school students are home and still asleep. The dog and cat have both braved the outdoors out of desperation and are back inside and snuggled in their beds. I have a Yankee candle burning (Christmas Cookie). And I can hear the wind blowing and see the snow falling outside. Oh, I hear toilets flushing, sounds like someone is awake.

As I look around the house I see my candle burning. I see my two rectangular cake pans drying on a towel on my island. (Why do they make pans with seams where water can harbor?) There is some paperwork lying around (college brochures galore). For the most part, it is a pleasant view.

On today's (this week's) to-do list: I know this is tedious, but it really helps me to write it all down.

Monday:  bookkeeping job, laundry, vacuum main floor, clean four bathrooms if time
Tuesday:  seminary, feed pets, log seminary attendance, drive boys to school, eat breakfast, read scriptures, start pork roast in slow cooker, work, pick up son from swim meet, finish dinner, eat, clean up, wash towels, prepare seminary lesson, in bed by 9
Wednesday: seminary, feed pets, log seminary attendance, drive boys to school, eat breakfast, read scriptures, work, pick up son from swim practice, quick dinner, drive sons to youth group, prepare seminary lesson while at church
Thursday: seminary, feed pets, log seminary attendance, drive boys to school, eat breakfast, read scriptures, start dinner, work, finish dinner, pick up son from senior swim night, drive boys to boy scouts, prepare seminary lesson, menu plan, make grocery list
Friday:  No school, no work, no seminary! Feed pets, eat breakfast, read scriptures, grocery shop, unload, plan next week seminary, bookkeeping job, personal bookkeeping, dinner, drive boys to church to decorate for dance, watch Downton Abbey with hubby, pick up boys from church
Saturday: clean house, laundry, watch devotional, bring boys to dance, dinner, pick up boys from dance.

And it's no wonder I feel like I've put in a full day by the time I get to work.

Currently reading scriptures, Miramont's Ghost by Elizabeth Hall (very slowly)

On the tv today I finished Parenthood. I loved that show and will miss it, but am happy with how they ended it, including the death because that is a very real part of life. Husband and I are watching Downton Abbey on our Roku. I have been watching Glee but it is absolutely horrible this season, however I am sure I will watch it to it's end, since I have seen it from the beginning.

On the menu this week You can find my menu here.

What I am creating Seminary lessons and tax returns

Favorite photo from camera: My son and I drove to Boston (he drove the whole way!), picked up my daughter, and joined some fellow church members at our temple in that area. Then we went out to eat, said goodbye to my daughter, and drove all the way home. It was a wonderful day. Here are my son and daughter at the temple.

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes, Devotionals

Have a great week everyone, and if you are getting snow, stay safe and warm!