January 29, 2009

My Laundry Routine

Why am I telling you this?

Because it works for me, so why not share?

I love schedules - they motivate me to get things done - and let's face it, housework is not very exciting - which is another reason for this blog - talking about it and reading about it are motivators also.

I have bounced back and forth between a designated laundry day and a load-a-day strategy.

I have a well and septic, which does not fare well with doing laundry all at once, but I do have a front-loader washer which uses much less water and makes it feasible.

I used to spend Mondays planning meals and grocery shopping while my washer and dryer did the work.

However, I have switched to the load or two-a-day method for two reasons:

The dirty clothing piles take up less room


We can get away with less clothing (not on our bodies, but in our closets) because it is not "tied up" in a dirty laundry pile.

So, here is my laundry schedule which I just perfected:

Monday - colored clothing
Tuesday - towels
Wednesday - colored clothing
Thursday - whites & lights
Friday - colored clothing
Saturday - towels and sheets
Sunday - a day of rest for me, the washer & the dryer

My plan during tax season is to get a load in before I leave for early-morning seminary and have them dried, folded, and put away before I leave for work.

Now some might think I need a life for spending time contemplating a good laundry schedule, but is very helpful when your teenager tells you his/her favorite jeans have to be washed immediately and you can respond - "you know the schedule".

Now, to just stick to it...


  1. How is the new schedule going? Good! It is Friday and my laundry is done and tomorrow I only face towels and sheets and there won't be anything left for Sunday that will leave me feeling guilty if I do, and guilty if I don't. Now, if I could only add housework to the schedule...

  2. Just pace yourself and remember to always take a time off during the day. I'm amazed how you make everything work!!