April 2, 2009

Going Backward to Go Forward

I just read about a great idea at Pillaging With Buffie to help weed the unworn clothes from the closet. When organizing your closet at the change of seasons (when you are presumably taking out the old season's clothes and putting in the new season's clothes), hang the hanger backwards. Only do this initially. Then, as you use clothing hang it correctly. At the end of the season (or year or whatever), anything that is still hanging backwards has not been worn in the determined amount of time AND IT'S TIME TO GET RID OF IT!!!

(She suggests we try this with our husband's clothes too. Now THAT idea is BRILLIANT.)

Now, I do change out some clothes, but I'm thinking I will designate APRIL FOOLS DAY as the day to turn all of my hangers backwards. Then next April Fools day will be the day to clean out.

There is only one problem...April Fool's day is during tax season...I may have to rethink this.

I still love the idea, Buffie. Thanks for sharing!


I found this article at Talk About Tuesday


  1. I just did this on Monday when I did laundry! As I hang them after I wash them I flip the hangers. That also shows me what I am wearing and what I am not.

  2. It's a great idea, but first I need to get more clothes :-D lol