March 22, 2013

Weekly Menu - New Cookbook!

My menu this week is based on recipes from a cookbook that I have had awhile but have not used. I think I've made one recipe from there and I wrote in its margin:  YUMMY. So there you have it.

The cookbook is The Essential Food Storage Cookbook: Combining Food Storage with Everyday Ingredients for Delicious Food by Tami Girsberger and Carol Peterson.

Have I told you how much I love Amazon? I buy more and more things from there like purses, slow cookers, seeds, food. Anyway, I love that I can find just about anything on there.

Here is the menu plan:

Friday chicken and dumplings (page 159)
Saturday the kids are organizing a pasta dinner fundraiser at church for camp so it is pasta at church tonight
Sunday Sweet and Spicy Glazed Pork Chops (page 123), mashed potatoes, green beans
Monday Easy Italian Chicken (page 65), pasta, salad
Tuesday Crockpot French Dipped Sandwiches (page 64), baked beans, cauliflower
Wednesday fast food or leftovers
Thursday Chicken Veggie Rice Bowl (page 105)

What is so appealing about this cookbook is that it's recipes are exactly what they claim: basic dishes with standard foods paired with things we easily have in our pantries. Will share what I especially like, but may not be for awhile. Busy time of year.

Get your taxes done yet?

I haven't.

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