May 12, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday May 12 2014

Good morning! I missed last week and I don't know why. Spring has finally arrived in New England and my sneezing son is proof. We have to take the bad with the good, don't we? Thank you Sandra from Diary of a Stay At Home Mom for hosting!

As I Look Outside My Window
The sun is shining! We had a lot of rain last week and now the grass is green and lush and the flowers are blooming (and, yes, there is pollen everywhere).

Right Now I Am
Sitting at my kitchen table. There is a box of Dunkin Donuts munchkins on the table, along with my two Kindles and my new tablet that my son gave me for Mother's Day. I am fooling around with the tablet now, downloading apps that I want, and it may replace my Kindle Fire. We will see, I am very partial to Amazon.

Thinking and Pondering
Nothing deep, I am watching the clock because I have to pick up my son from school. He took an AP test this morning and gets to go home early. Trouble is, he needs a ride. However, my oldest is home, so I may just not have to drive to the school for a second time this morning!

On My Bedside Table
I have been working on cleaning my room, and yes, it is a week long project because it is the catchall room of the house. There still is a plastic bin full of my son's childhood books that he wants to keep. It has been there for a year. Anyway, my nightstand now has only the essentials: my lamp, my cell phone, my two Kindles, and now my tablet. Right now I am reading I Am Livia, by Phyllis T. Smith. It was a free book offered to Amazon Prime members. Oh, and I bought a Kindle Paperwhite. The one problem with the Kindle Fire is that the battery doesn't last long. Plus I have so many other things on there that I get distracted from reading a book. So now the Paperwhite is my reader of choice. Plus the screen is easier on the eyes.

On My TV
Still have to catch up on Parenthood and Glee. My husband and I started watching last season's Madmen on Netflix.

Listening To
Nothing at the moment.

On the Menu
My menu can be found here. I am a week behind because my husband was travelling last week and so I kept dinner simple and used what I had in the freezer. Love that I have all of these days planned and I all I have to do is make up a grocery list! Most, if not all, of my menu comes from a cookbook I have called Remedies for the "I Don't Cook" Syndrome. The recipes I have tried are really good, so I decided to try more of them! I will post the ones that I want to use regularly.

On My To Do List
Laundry, as always, vacuum main floor, mop, clean main floor bathroom. Stop at grocery store for lunchmeat.

Happening This Week
This week is relatively calm. Grease is over (3 of my kids performed in it).
Monday - lunch with my oldest. He is taking me to Moe's because I have never been.
Tuesday - other son's track meet
Wednesday - DCF visit, church youth group, daughter has dress rehearsal for her dance recital but she drives herself.
Thursday - Boy Scouts for sons, dance for daughter, nephew's band concert for my husband and I.
Friday - open!
Saturday - lunch with my mom and sister at The Cheesecake Factory
Sunday - my daughter's dance recital. Her last one! 14 years of dance. This year she is featured in 6 dances.

My Simple Pleasure
Milkshakes.  I have a Ninja blender and we go a little crazy with the milkshakes once it gets warm.

Homemaking Tips
Bag it. I love bags as much as I love Amazon. I have a tote bag for my seminary stuff. I have a bag for library books. Everything that I may want to take somewhere, I try to store in bags, that way it is ready to go.

Looking Around the House
There is always stuff lying around. It is amazing how much better that problem can be with just one less person in the house too. When my husband was away the counters stayed clear, and he is not a messy person!

From the Camera
(and mom's brag book) from Grease, they played Johnny Casino, Sandy, and Kenickie

Prayer List
Always my kids, my husband.

Bible Verse
"I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine." John 10:11

It never ceases to amaze me how well the Lord knows me individually. I need to remember that when I am feeling alone or overwhelmed with burdens. He knows me and knows how to help me, all I have to do is ask, and then listen.

Have a great week!


  1. Oh goodness, I can totally sympathize with the sneezing. My brother, myself and my son have horrible allergies and we've been a total mess since spring arrived.

    Love the picture and I LOVE Grease, how fun :)

    Have a wonderful week Christy!

  2. Your week is calm??? Your week would put me in bed for a week!!! I guess that's why children are given to the young:) LOL Picture of your kids is great!

    I have issues with allergies myself so I sympathize. Drinking Kombucha tea is supposed to help and come to think of it during those springs when I had some brewing mine weren't as bad.

    First time visitor to your blog and I enjoyed my visit:) Have a great week!