November 30, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday November 30 2015

It has been a long time since I have participated in HHM. I really have no excuse, Mondays just seem to get away from me I guess. Please see Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for more Happy Homemaker Monday!

Winter is just starting to show up in my part of New England. The Friday after Thanksgiving, which is our Christmas decorating day, was a beautiful 65 degrees! It was hard to get into the Christmas spirit, lol. But today it is only 36 degrees and it's 1:37 pm. So, brrr. Cloudy too, but now snow in the forecast, thank heaven!

Out of my window
I see clouds. Also, my 17 year old son is practicing lacrosse in the backyard, and my husband is working on expanding our shed. I prefer to stay in the warm house, but, alas, I do have to venture out to the grocery store.

Right now
I am listening to Christmas music. Friday I took a lot of time uploading all of my Christmas cds onto my computer (had done it before but we lost the hard drive on that one) and then loading them on my mp3. I put it on shuffle and love the random styles that come up. Variety is the spice of life! I am also warming up the car so I can venture out to the grocery stores (one warehouse club and two grocery stores) plus the post office to get a package out to my daughter.

Thinking about
How blessed I am! We all are if we just learn to see it! My daughter is preparing to serve a mission for our church in New Caledonia. It's on the other side of the earth! And warm! She is happy! I know two other girls who are doing the same, but going to different places. And since she has dedicated this time of her life to the Lord our family has been so blessed! Mostly I am grateful for the blessing of my Savior. There is no greater gift, and I would like to keep that foremost in my mind during this holiday season. He is the most important gift!

On my bedside table
My phone (at night), my tablet, a magazine, a pile of books, my glasses, two bottles of water, and a lot of dust!

On my tv
We will be watching Christmas movies, I don't care about anything else right now. We always start off by watching Scrooge, the musical from the 1970s with Albert Finney on Thanksgiving night. I can watch every version of A Christmas Carol ever made (except the muppets), I just love that story. I thank my dad for that. But, I want to start Jesus of Nazareth soon so I can watch all of it during the month.

On the menu
You can find my menu here.

To do list
Post office, grocery shopping, one load of laundry, make dinner, make lunches for hubby for the week.

Happening this week
We are having the missionaries in our area over for dinner Tuesday night, Wednesday is youth night at church, Thursday one son has scouts (until he gets that Eagle project done), Saturday is girls mall day, woot! My mom, sister, and I (and my daughter when she was here) spend the day at the mall, eating out and shopping and laughing a lot.

Simple pleasure
Christmas lights! Right now we have a miniature village on our fireplace mantel with lights in them and candles in our front windows. Love them!

Looking around the house
It got the best cleaning it has had in a long time for Thanksgiving, so it's not too bad. The cat is sleeping on the top of her tower and the vacuum hose is out waiting to be used.

From the camera
Packing up the fall decorations

This was my Facebook profile picture this month

Have a wonderful week!

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