December 21, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday December 21 2015

Wow, Christmas is upon us already! We complain (in my house, anyway) about Christmas starting too early and not giving Thanksgiving its proper due, but before you know it, Christmas is less than a week away and I always feel a little panicky that I have run out of time. But then I remind myself that whatever we have and whatever I have to offer is enough, and I let it go. And here we are! I wish you  all a very peaceful, joyful Christmas. 

The weather outside is
cold but getting warmer. Right now it is 37 degrees and overcast, which I don't mind because then I put on the tree lights and they look beautiful. We are supposed to have rain all this week but I am not complaining because I am not ready for snow yet.

On the breakfast plate
was granola bars with peanut butter. I was going to blend yogurt with frozen berries and add some granola but I was too cold. Maybe for lunch...

As I look outside my window
I see that we are, as usual, behind in our chores. The chairs to the patio set are still on the deck, and there have been two scrub brushes sitting on the patio table for weeks now. My husband is in the process of expanding our shed (instead of getting rid of stuff, he keeps expanding it, I tease him that it will someday be bigger than our house) so he hasn't had time to take care of those things. Meanwhile, I was going to clean out our flower beds and haven't done any of that, so I cannot complain.

Right now I am
sitting at my kitchen table, which is where I always am when at the computer. I'm thinking how I really tried to start the season (which begins the night of Thanksgiving for our family) by reflecting on our Savior and the true meaning of Christmas. But then the gift buying, wrapping, and BAKING take over and I lose it. I haven't read my scriptures for days, until today! So that's a start, I have already read some today. 

As I look around the house
I see my clean crock pot still sitting on my counter along with all of my baking paraphernalia, I am done making cookies for my husband to bring to work (36 dozen) and for our church Christmas party. Now I just have baking for my family, which won't be too much. Then my kitchen needs a thorough cleaning before tax season starts as it is covered in flour!

On today's to-do list
towel washing, counter cleaning, gift wrapping, cookie baking, and planning a game day for our seminary class on Wednesday. Dinner is going to be leftover chili, so that's easy.

Happening this week
Tonight is a night at home, thank goodness. 
Tuesday - swim meet, birthday party for my nephew's wife and daughter (they are visiting from out of state)
Wednesday - preparing for Christmas
Thursday - Christmas eve at my sister's house
Friday - Christmas day at our house (plans are still up in the air) and Skyping with my missionary daughter!
Saturday - hopefully some house cleaning! game playing, relaxing with the family
Sunday - church, family time

Currently reading
Starting A Christmas Carol this week

On the tv
Christmas movies! We have only watched two so far: Scrooge and The Homecoming. 

On the menu this week
leftover chili tonight. The rest can be found here (not much on it though).

Favorite photo
This came to me by an anonymous missionary mom in Arizona, where my daughter is currently serving. (She is on the right.)


Have a great week and a very merry Christmas!

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