July 21, 2009

Week of July 20th 2009

S pent: BJ's $71.88, Olivers $73.35
B reakfast: chocolate chip pancakes
L unch: sandwiches, frozen pizza (everyone gets their own)
D inner: sea scallops, marinated, skewered, & grilled (something different)
rice & orzo
grilled carrots & zucchini
green salad
C ost cutting: used romaine hearts in salad instead of bagged, pre-washed. grated own carrots instead of buying grated carrot. Bought sea scallops and Newman's dressing on sale.

S pent: $0 Weekly Total: $145.23
B reakfast: chocolate donuts (healthy, I know. It was a summertime treat)
L unch: sandwiches (everyone gets their own)
D inner: baked chicken breasts with Parmesan cheese
basmati rice
green salad
C ost cutting: used up greens, chicken breasts bought in bulk, rice on hand. Donuts purchased at warehouse store instead of Dunkin Donuts

S pent: $9.92 Weekly Total: $155.15
B reakfast: cereal, leftover donuts
L unch: sandwiches, spaghettios (everyone gets their own)
D inner: leftovers for some of us, Taco Bell for others. Oh, well.
C ost cutting: leftovers!
Spent: $46.26 at the Natural Food Store and $14.63 at my local grocery store Weekly Total: $216.04
Breakfast: bagel, cereal, leftover pancakes (everyone fended for themselves)
Lunch: sandwiches, spaghettios
Dinner: frozen pizzas, hot dogs, black bean & chicken salad, corn on the cob
Cost Cutting: used leftover chicken from Tuesday for the salad
Spent: $0 Weekly Total: $216.04
Breakfast: leftover pancakes, cereal, cooked granola
Lunch: sandwiches, spaghettios (got to get Patrick to eat more variety)
Dinner: leftover pork tenderloin from the freezer, green beans, egg noodles w/ gravy, green salad
Cost Cutting: using leftovers
Spent: $8.46 at Dunkin Donuts (an emotional reaction) Weekly Total: $224.50
Breakfast: donuts etc
Lunch: sandwiches, spaghettios

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