July 23, 2009

I finally made it to the Connecticut Natural Food Mart
and here is what I got for $46.26

Not included in this picture but included in the total spent was
2 bottles of Nesquick chocolate milk (helper rewards)
One large tomato
One large green pepper
It doesn't seem like a lot of food for $46 does it.
Food is so expensive.
But this is a great deal for this area.
For example, the cucumbers were $0.33 each.
The tomatoes were $0.89 per pound.
Was the savings enough to warrant the gas a used to get there and back?
Here's the thing.
This stuff is FRESH.
Do you see all of those green beans?
They are GREEN. And spotless.
The green beans in my local grocery store were faded and "banged up".
From one head of romaine and one head of red leaf lettuce, I got a huge bowl of greens (and I tore them in small pieces).
For lunch I had a sandwich with one slice of turkey on whole wheat bread with some mayo (can't give up the mayo) and sliced green pepper and tomato.
The pepper was so crispy. The veggies were so yummy.
I cut up part of a cucumber tonight. It was so crispy and fresh. Much better than what I am getting in the grocery stores around here.
I say it was worth the trip.


  1. I've got to try it! Where is the Food Mart located at?

  2. It is on Route 5 in North Haven. If you are driving down Route 5 from Wallingford, it will be on the right hand side not too far from the town line.