August 13, 2009

Learn From My Mis-steaks

Sorry, I couldn't help it...
If anyone from my neck of the woods wants to blame me for the rain we had yesterday, go right ahead.
You see, I bought steaks to cook on the grill (filet mignon, no less).
That just about guarantees rain.
So, I broiled them in my oven.
The Uh Oh:
I sprayed Pam on my broiler pan, and as the steaks broiled, the Pam proceeded to smoke and burn.
The steaks were great, but the smoke was not necessary (nor was the cleanup - I had more important things to do: play Sorry with my son and eat ice cream).
The Ah Ha
From now on, I will spray the meat instead of the broiler.
Problem solved.

1 comment:

  1. Good tip Christy! I probably would've done the same :-D