November 12, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday November 12

Good morning, and happy Veteran's Day!  Yes, I know it was actually yesterday, but I think our veterans deserve a second day to thank them, don't you? The kids are off from school because of it, after all. How wonderful that it falls at the time of year that we are focusing on our blessings. I am so thankful for the sacrifice made by so many men and women in the service of our country. I thank you, and your wives, children, parents, girlfriends, boyfriends - everyone who has had to make sacrifices along with you so that you could serve your country. My brother in-law served in Vietnam, my father served during the Korean conflict, my father in-law and uncles during World War II, my husband's grandfather during World War I. I have ancestors that fought in the Civil War (both sides), and the Revolutionary War. But I have not had to live the sacrifice that many of you do, supporting a spouse while he/she serves. My father served when he was 18 years old - long before I was in the picture. Thank you.

Meanwhile, it is time for Happy Homemaker Monday, and I am very happy today because there are no severe weather predictions in our near future! Thanks to Sandra for hosting this every week and giving me a chance to reflect on my life and its purpose. Please see her blog for more Happy Homemaker Monday posts.

The Weather
It is 52 degrees with a high today in the low 60's. Rain tomorrow but sunny for a few days after that. No high winds, no snow, no surging tides. There is much to be grateful for.

Right Now I Am
The only one up. Actually, that is not true - I can hear my husband just started the shower and is moving around upstairs. Normally he is out of the house by now, but he had to go to work last night and I don't even know when he got home because I was sound asleep, and I didn't go to bed until midnight. Since today is a school holiday, we have one extra boy sleeping upstairs. All four boys and my one girl are expecting chocolate chip pancakes this morning, but I am sure it will not be until much later, since this was their only day to sleep in - more on that in a minute.

About the service we rendered on Saturday. It probably deserves it's own post, but I will tell you here anyway. Our church has been organizing and sponsoring relief efforts for the victims of the hurricane. So on Saturday I got up at 5:30 am, showered, got my family up, packed lunches, waters, and supplies, and off we went. Had to drop off the 14 and 15 year old in one place, where they would be helping make sandwiches and dinner for some of the volunteers. They didn't have to work all day, but they had to spend the entire day at the church because we were elsewhere. We then traveled to another church where we received a little training on safety and procedures, we were grouped in work teams, given assignments, and off we went. We spent the day cleaning out basements. The first one was part of a very old, historic house, and the basement was very dark with low ceilings. We had to shovel out all of the dirt (mud, really, because it was still wet) that was left from the water that had come up to the basement ceiling during the storm. There was seaweed hanging from the electrical wires stretching across the top of the room. we loaded the mud in buckets and hauled it outside, ducking as we went through the low doorways. The other basements were more modern, and that consisted of hauling out people's belongings that were ruined by the water - clothing, furniture, toys, all the types of things that we store in our basements. One woman had bought a wide screen tv for Christmas - ruined. We then swept up or vacuumed up the rest of the water. We also took a walk to the beach where we saw half of the sand swept up onto the road. All of the businesses in that area were boarded up and not reopening. These people had just finished remodeling and recovering from hurricane Irene. We went into one home where the water had come halfway up the walls on the first floor of their home. All of the sheetrock was taken down.

It was such a rewarding experience to take part in that project. Having (almost) our whole family participate, working with friends from church, hearing from the others that my husband helped a boy who was walking by with his bike. The chain had fallen off. My husband taught him how to put it back on and fix it so it wouldn't fall off again. Everyone was so nice and anxious to tell their stories. We helped people of different nationalities, religions, and lifestyles. We helped people that were unable or unwilling to help themselves. AND IT FELT SO GOOD. And we had fun! My poor husband was stuck with 5 women on his team. We did have other help at different times as the different teams would join each other on a project. But we laughed, all day we laughed - especially as the day wore on and we got tired and a little silly.

And that is what continually amazes me about the Lord. He asks us to serve others. And to us, it sounds like a burden. But then, if we do it, we find out that it actually BENEFITS US! Everything He asks of us, everything, is for our good, even when we are helping others. His love for us never ceases to amaze me.

Sorry that was so long, the rest will be shorter!

On My Reading Pile
Luke in the New Testament.

On My TV
We finally watched We Bought a Zoo, after Netflix sent us a new disc. It was cute - a great family movie. My kids also watch Paranormal Activity 3, but I cannot stand those movies. Now they are waiting to go back.

On the Menu
Don't know yet, that is what I should do when I finish this!

On My To Do List
It's funny how it is when you are in the mode - when I got home on Saturday, even though I was physically exhausted, I looked at my kitchen floor and was appalled at how dirty it was, so I vacuum and steam cleaned it. The good news is that I don't have to think about it for a few days now! So today I have cleaning the bathrooms on my agenda, but that is all. Oh, other than a trip to the grocery store. Oh, and preparing a seminary lesson for tomorrow. I guess my day is full after all.

What I am Creating
nothing at the moment

Homemaking Tips
We will be having Thanksgiving at our house. This year I will be making the turkey the day before, carving it, and storing the meat slices in the drippings and reheating it the day of. I had seen this tip on another blog and loved it. The turkey will be just as tasty, and the work the day of will be minimal, giving me and my husband a chance to enjoy our family.

Looking Around the House
Watching my husband get his lunch together to bring to work. Getting his requests for groceries. There are some things that need to be put away (I am looking at rubber gloves and safety masks sitting on the counter). It would be nice to see a fire in the fireplace. Perhaps one will be built, since my 14 year old is home today. = )

From the Camera
From my phone: this is NOT supposed to be the beach, this is supposed to be the road leading to the beach

Some of the trash we hauled out of a couple of basements

On My Prayer List
The hurricane victims, my children (including my other seminary students), my dad.

Bible Verse
Matthew 25:40

"...Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me"

Well, everyone is awake now and asking for pancakes. Have a great week!

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