September 23, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday September 23, 2013

Good morning! It is almost noon, and once again, I have managed to menu plan and buy my groceries already. Woohoo! It is so much quieter and less crowded in the mornings. This week was super easy though. Not much to buy. See Sandra at Diary of a Stay-at-Home Mom for more Happy Homemaking Monday.

The Weather
Chilly, and loving it! This morning, when coming home from my seminary class, it was 49 degrees. It is now up to 53, with a high of 63. The rest of this week should be a little warmer: high 60's to low 70's. The sky is clear blue and the humidity level is 51%, a perfect fall day.

Right Now
My oldest is laying on the couch talking to the dog, I am at the kitchen table, the husband is at work, and the rest of the kids are at school.

Once again we are trying to conserve water. We had family over yesterday and the pump has been running a lot, meaning the water level in the well has dropped. So no laundry today and I am waiting to run the dishwasher until this afternoon. Fun times.

On My Reading Pile
I bought two books for my kindle: Blackmoore and You Have Liptstick on Your Teeth and Other Things You Will Only Hear from Your Friends In The Powder Room. 

On My TV
Friday Night Lights

On the Menu
It's fair week - and our boy scout troop helps empty the 400 trash cans at the fair - which means I won't see much of my husband this week, and three of my children will be working it this weekend. So not much meal preparation, plus we have leftovers! Love it!

Monday high school boys have a pasta dinner after cross country practice, the rest of us will also have pasta and leftover veggies from the veggie platter I made yesterday
Tuesday hot dogs and leftover beans and salads from yesterday
Wednesday taco salad
Thursday I have to be at the school for Meet the Teacher night (3 kids worth of teachers in one night - have to narrow it down to the 8 I have never met) so it is fend for yourself night!
Friday have to bring two boys to a fair so I will eat there or get something on the way back.
Saturday four at the fair, oldest is usually with friends on the weekend, and I will fend for myself
Sunday chicken soup and rolls - probably my most frequently made meal

On My To Do List
run and empty dishwasher, take large bowl of salad to cross country dinner, hang out, take kids home, feed the rest of the family

Looking Around the House
I am slowly getting my fall decorating done. It is pretty clean thanks to having family over yesterday. The kitchen floor could use a cleaning though.

From the Camera
We celebrated two birthdays with our extended family: my oldest's which is at the end of August, and my youngest's which is at the end of September. Ages 15 and 20. (I don't bother taking the cakes out of the pan anymore!)

On My Prayer List
My kids, my co-teacher, a family in my church whose son just died in a horrible car accident.

Bible Verse
John 14:18:  "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you." 

I just read this scripture, quoted by a friend's daughter who is serving a mission in Germany. Her grandfather just died and the Lord has comforted her while she is living so far from her family. 

This scripture has meaning for me as I think of the family who just lost their son. I do not know them, but my children know who their son and daughter are, and had just seen them last weekend at a youth dance. Families throughout the state are praying for them and for the other victims of the accident. Knowing that the Lord lives, and that He does comfort those who seek Him, I know that they are feeling His love at this time.

Have a wonderful week!

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