November 11, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday November 11 2013

This is a special Monday because it is Veteran's Day, a day to give thanks to the men and women who have risked their lives to protect our country. THANK YOU. I am grateful for your service. Veteran's day also means kids are home today, and they have made plans for me which includes spending my money on them! So, it will not be a peaceful day at home for me, but it will be a day to spend with some of my awesome kids! Thank you, Sandra, at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for hosting Happy Homemaker Monday.

As I Look Outside My Window
I see bare trees, so sad. It is 39 degrees with a high of 53, and tomorrow it looks like a mixture of rain and snow. We are not ready for snow! We have an unregistered car sitting in our driveway that needs to go away first! My husband is actually on his way to the junkyard to see about taking it away. *they are coming to tow the car away tomorrow!

Right Now I Am
Sitting alone at the kitchen table. One son is up and either downstairs or outside (he and his friend camped out last night, although his friend is currently sleeping on the couch downstairs), one son has left for work, and my third son and my daughter are still sleeping upstairs. I am waiting for my oven to heat up so that I can make some cinnamon rolls to lure them out of bed. Cinnamon rolls are the special treat breakfast they get on days off.

Thinking and Pondering
About all of the blessings in my life. Yesterday I posted on Facebook about a former seminary student who just returned from a mission. My nephew commented and asked what made him decide to serve. The thought that my nephew is interesting in knowing this just thrills me. He has had a rough life, mostly because of his own choices, and the thought that there is a seed of faith that may be growing in his heart is making me very, very happy!

On My Bedside Table
My kindle, with a lot of books that I am not reading.

On My TV
nothing at the moment

Playing on the Radio
Nothing, it is very quiet in the house right now!

On the Menu for This Week
Monday lasagna, salad, bread
Tuesday chicken soup with garlic cheddar bread
Wednesday chili, broccoli salad
Friday beef stew
Saturday happy anniversary to me and my husband! 22 years!! Dinner out!!!
Sunday leftovers, something from the freezer

On My To Do List
Bring one son and his friend to a boy scout flag burning ceremony, take other son and daughter to the mall, bring son to get haircut, buy groceries (I think after the mall...that way I have helpers!), clean up the house because we are feeding missionaries tonight! Oh, and prepare my seminary lesson sometime...

My Simple Pleasure
sitting in a clean house while something I have made is baking in the oven

Lesson Learned This Past Week
This has been a week of hurt feelings - my seminary students hurting the feelings of another student, and me hurting the feelings of my son. So what have I learned? To ALWAYS consider the feelings of another as you think about what you are going to say. I have been trying to open hearts: my seminary students' and my sons', so when those hearts open, they become vulnerable, and I, and those around me, need to make sure that we are contributing good messages and therefore good feelings.

Looking Around the House
There is some picking up to do, but it is not bad. Floors need to be vacuumed and bathrooms need to be cleaned, luckily I have lots of helpers here today!

From the Camera
Just a few left

On My Prayer List
My kids, mom, in-laws, friends going through hard times.

Bible Verse
Joshua chapter 3: The Lord commands the Israelite priests to carry the ark of the covenant into the Jordan River. Once their feet were in the water, the Lord stopped the flow of the river so they could cross on dry ground. This is one of my favorite Old Testament stories. Often times the Lord wants us to take that first step, and then He will do what we need to move forward. I think of my seminary student who served a mission. He left, knowing it is what the Lord wanted, but not fully knowing how important it was to serve. But as he served, he learned for himself the joys, blessings, and importance of serving the Lord.

Have a great week!

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  1. My kindle has lots of books on it that I may never read. LOL! I recently discovered the reading app to borrow books from the library, many more options than looking for free books to download to my kindle, which I still do.

    Hopping from HHM, Have a great week!