November 4, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday November 4, 2013

Good morning! I hope you are keeping warm! It is 33 degrees outside right now. I have on long underwear under my jeans and sweater, have had a warm cup of hot chocolate, and now I am ready for a fire in the fireplace, but no on is home to make me one! (I could do it under duress, but I have to go buy groceries and gas for the car anyway, so no point in starting one now.) It may be cold, but it is Thanksgiving season! My favorite time of year! So let's begin with Happy Homemaker Monday, which was started and is hosted by the wonderful Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom. Go see her for lots and lots of inspiration!

As I Look Outside My Window
I see lots of sunshine but not a lot of leaves, most are on the ground at this point. I see beautiful blue skies without clouds.

Right Now I am
Sitting at my kitchen table, which is where I usually am when on my computer, I've just finished a breakfast of waffles and hot chocolate. Not the healthiest breakfast, but a WARM breakfast! My oldest is at work, my other kids are at school, my husband is on a plane flying to Atlanta for work, the dog is sleeping on the electric throw on the couch, and the cat is curled up in his bed in the family room. It is quiet enough for me to hear the airplane overhead. No machines are running at the moment.

Thinking and Pondering
About gratitude. I have been posting a daily list of my blessings on Facebook and my personal blog, and it makes me so happy! I did this about 5 years ago as a countdown to Thanksgiving and was amazed at how it lifted my spirits. This time around, I am finding that once I think about the blessings of one thing, it leads to another, and before I know it, I have a whole paragraph written around one theme. It is amazing how once you start thinking about your blessings, your eyes open to see more and more.

On My Bedside Table
Is always, always my kindle. I have been on a Free Cell kick lately, which, alas, is keeping me from reading. But I do read the scriptures almost daily.

On My TV Tonight
My husband and I watched Poltergeist on Friday or Saturday. Am I glad it was free on Amazon Prime! I hadn't watched it since it first came out, and boy was it cheesy in comparison to today's movies. There is nothing planned for tonight, although I finally caught up on Glee, and I think they did a phenomenal job on addressing the death of Finn and therefore Cory Monteith, by the way. And since that episode was so heart wrenching, I am hankering to start watching the show from the beginning again...

Playing on the Radio
I LOVE music! I mostly listen to my MP3 player, but lately I have gotten back into Pandora. My daughter had on the station of the BYU combined choirs and it was beautiful, so that is what is playing now as I type.

On the Menu for This Week
My husband is away and we have a freezer full of leftovers (love, love, love my Foodsaver), so I have nothing to share this week. 

On My To Do List
A few groceries, gas for the car, wash whites, and the cross country team banquet tonight.

My Simple Pleasure
Walking on dried leaves and hearing the crunching sound. Love it!

Lesson I've Learned
I am going to combine it with the scripture I am sharing below because they go together (and happen to be my gratitude post of the day).

Looking Around the House
It is in relatively good shape. My daughter's basket of laundry is in the bathroom, but I will let her take care of that. There are Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations about and I love that. I think orange is replacing red as my favorite color. It reminds me of sunshine but is bolder than yellow. And I have lots of orange pumpkins around.

From the Camera

I have two - Halloween for one son (it was warm that night, but I wasn't thrilled about the lack of a t-shirt under the costume, however authentic it was - there were shorts under there however).

And Halloween for my two AP students, who had a test the next day.

On My Prayer List
My kids, my husband, my mom, my in-laws, lots of people.

Bible Verse
So I figured something out - lightbulb! - we are told to give thanks unto the Lord. Philippians 4:6 says, "Be careful for nothing; but by every thing in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." So, is it that God doesn't want to give us anything unless we thank Him first? NO! When we are grateful (and we concentrate on the that thankfulness) we feel the spirit! When we feel the spirit, we are more in tune with the Lord and can ask for things in faith, knowing we can receive, and knowing what we should ask for. I have learned that the Lord's commandments are always, ALWAYS for our benefit. He knows what will make us happy. His commandments are Him showing us the way to feel it. I continue to stand amazed at the love the Lord has for us! And for that, I am grateful. Life is good!

Have a great week!

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