December 2, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday December 2, 2013

Good morning! Can you believe it is December already! I have been trying to think of things that I love about the month that we are in, so that I can appreciate the season and not grumble at any unpleasantness it offers. However, December is easy. I love the Christmas holiday - the whole season as well as the day. I love my Savior, and love the opportunity to focus on Him as well as all of the other fun aspects of the holiday. So let's celebrate!

As I Look Outside My Window
It's a gloomy day. The sky is gray and completely overcast. Although it is not as cold as it has been (36 degrees right now), the air is wet and it seeps right into your bones. I came home from seminary and crawled under my electric blanket and slept for 3 hours. Caught up on sleep from our busy weekend, but I still had to force myself to get out from under that blanket.

Right Now I Am
Sitting at my kitchen table, as usual. I am, however, in a different chair and am facing my family room and fireplace. It sure would be nice if there was a fire burning in there! Everyone else is at work or school.

Thinking and Pondering
about how to make the Christmas season more focused on the Savior - more for myself than anything. It is so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle as we try to shop for our loved ones and keep up with everything else. The stores are much busier and we are going to get in peoples' way, and they are going to get in our way. Some of them are going to be rude, and, to be honest, I know I have come across that way too at times, especially when in a hurry, as I often am. So I need to find ways to keep my focus on the Savior, and put all the other things into perspective. And I need to remember to be kind and to be forgiving when others are not.

On My Bedside Table
I am all over the place with reading. Right now I am trying to listen to The Infinite Atonement. But, I have a recommendation for you. The Autobiography of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn. I love the write up they have on Amazon:

It all started when Jeff Guinn was assigned to write a piece full of little-known facts about Christmas for his paper, The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. A few months later, he received a call from a gentleman who told him that he showed the story to an important friend who didn’t think much of it. And who might that be? asked Jeff. The next thing he knew, he was whisked off to the North Pole to meet with this “very important friend,” and the rest is, well, as they say, history.

It is an interesting look at history and the history of the Christmas and Santa Claus tradition. And, it is written in a way that is perfectly safe for believers to read/hear.

On My TV
Caught up on Glee, which I am finding a bit boring this season, with the exception of The Quarterback, which was phenomenal. Hopefully I will get in a holiday movie tonight to help with keeping me in the right spirit of the season.

Playing on the Radio
I have Pandora's Peaceful Christmas station on, which is instrumental. I love Windham Hill.

On the Menu for This Week
I am actually looking forward to having a week of menu planning, but alas, this is not the week for a full menu plan:

Monday turkey soup (stayed up until 2 am on Thanksgiving night until that broth was cooked down to a flavorful concoction), rolls
Tuesday pasta, salad
Wednesday ham, mashed potatoes, green beans
Thursday freezer leftovers
Friday taco casserole
Saturday son's Christmas concert in the afternoon, and daughter's play at night. So it's dinner out.
Sunday beef stew or some such yummy, one bowl meal

On My To Do List
One load of laundry, grocery shop, take son to orthodontist. Now, all I want to do is turn on that oven to warm up the kitchen and bake some cookies. So, I'm thinking I'll do that and my laundry, go pick up my son and take him to the orthodontist, then stop at the store for just the necessary items. Yes, I like that plan! I won't venture out until I have to!

My Simple Pleasure
Baking cookies while listening to Christmas music

Lesson Learned
My lesson comes from Mary, mother of Jesus. When the shepherds came to visit the baby Jesus, Mary was quiet, and pondered the things they said. Too often I react too quickly to things, and later regret how I handled a situation. Saturday I came across a rude shopper (to his defense, I am sure he thought I was rude, because I honed in on what he was looking at, but I was friendly about it). I replied pleasantly and moved on, then worked the situation out in my head, prayerfully processing it so that I would not let it ruin my mood, or think badly of the person. And it worked. I need to do this more often, letting Mary be my example.

Looking Around the House
There are Christmas decorations everywhere! Two of my kids did most of the work, including getting the boxes down from the attic, and I get to sit and enjoy them! Now, if I turn around, I will see all of the stuff leftover from Thanksgiving sitting on my kitchen counter. Ugh.

From the Camera

On My Prayer List
Me, I am having trouble with sores in my mouth, which can be a result of Lupus (or the medication, I cannot remember which), my kids, mom, in-laws.

Bible Verse
Luke 2:19   "But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart."  (see above)

Have a great week!

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