June 16, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday June 16 2014

Good morning! Hope you all enjoyed your Father's Day, however you spent it. We had a delicious dinner out with my father and mother in-law, gave my husband a homemade card, and that's about it! It was an enjoyable day spent with my family.

Thank you, Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for hosting Happy Homemaker Monday! Let's get to it.

As I Look Outside My Window
Oh, it is a beautiful day! Can all of the summer be like this please? The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the air is cool and crisp, and the days are warm. After a week of rain we are being rewarded.

Right Now I Am
Kicking myself because my daughter just left for school and I forgot to tell her to take my car. Oh well, I had wanted to take her car for an oil change and cleaning and then for my HUGE grocery run, but instead I will take my van. At least it needs all of those things too. Cannot wait to get the pollen out of the cars!

Thinking and Pondering
Last time I posted I was worried about my washing machine. That is fixed but now my dishwasher is doing the same. This time we may just buy another one. We have had this one for 15 years and it is wearing out. My husband wants us to buy cheap for now, and really I do not need a lot of bells and whistles, I only use one setting as it is, but it can be hard when you see all that is available! The good thing about the dishwasher is that if it breaks before we replace it, it is not a big deal to wash everything by hand. My mom always washes her dishes by hand and then uses her dishwasher as a drying rack. Now that's an idea!

On My Bedside Table
I started reading the Harry Potter series again because it isn't summer without Harry Potter.

On My TV
Finally saw Mean Girls after hearing about it from my kids for so long.

Listening to
Just the sounds of the appliances. All have left for school or work except my oldest who is still sleeping.

On the Menu for This Week
You can find my menu here. Lots of grilling this week!

On My To Do List
Today I have to finish up a bookkeeping job, get an oil change/car cleaning, the bank, a major grocery run, one load of laundry to fold and put away, and another load to do start to finish.

Happening This Week
This is the last week of school for us, which means finals are this week, which means short days and lots of driving because one of my kids doesn't have to be there for every final. It is also a week of errands because two boys are working at scout camp all summer and that starts this Sunday. It is also a week of getting their room really, really clean. Fortunately all of the after school events are done, and the latest they will be home is 11:30. Friday is my daughter's graduation, Saturday is our neighbor's graduation party, Sunday is rest and relaxation, because next Monday we are off to Cambridge for my daughter's college orientation. We go for the day but she gets to stay over. We haven't worked out if we are going to stay up there or come home and go back to get her the next day (5 hours round trip).

My Simple Pleasure
Going to the library, which I only do during the summer. I love my Kindle and the ease of carrying it around, but going to the library is like going to the bookstore, only you don't have to pay for the books! Cannot wait to go!

Homemaking Tips
I have shared this before, but not recently. For cleaning up stains on the carpet I use seltzer water, white rags, and a little elbow grease. The bubbles help raise the stain, and it is only water so there is no residual chemicals that attract dirt and form a new stain 6 months later like everything else I have tried. It works wonderfully.

Looking Around the House
There is cleaning to be done but it can be done in stages. There is always stuff to put away, which I will work on today. Today groceries are a priority because we are out of a lot of things. Tomorrow I will tackle the bathrooms and the rest of the week I will continue tackling a major purge of stuff, one closet/cabinet at a time, plus a major vacuum of the boys' room after they have dealt with all of their stuff.

From the Camera
What my husband misses most from when our kids were little.

My Prayer List
My kids, mom, and in-laws.

Bible Verse
Matthew 6:33: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."

It is so easy to forget God when we get busy, and I have been guilty of that many times. However, I know that when I begin to neglect Him and my spirit, I will find myself in a place I do not want to be and wondering how did I get here? So, I am making a concerted effort to do exactly what the Lord tells us to do in Matthew 6:33: put Him first!

Have a great week!

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