June 2, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday June 2 2014

Good morning! It is a beautiful spring day and life has been busy! The last two months of school can get crazy, especially for seniors. It is a year of firsts and lasts for my high school senior. Lots has been happening and it's all good. Thanks to Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for hosting Happy Homemaker Monday!

As I Look Outside My Window
I see color! I am always at my kitchen table when on my laptop, and right next to me is our sliding glass door that leads to our deck. Beyond the deck it is full of green leaves with little bits of blue sky peaking through the gaps. Through the front windows I can see the leaves of the daylillies along our rock wall and our front garden and the pink blossoms on the azalea bushes. Oh, how I love to see color when I look outside!

Right Now I Am
Watching a butterfly flit around the deck as I sit at the table. 

Thinking and Pondering
How I am going to manage everything this week. My washing machine is broken, it looks like it is the water pump and I have to wait until Wednesday morning for a repair man. We have a crazy, busy schedule this week on top of that.

On My Bedside Table
I have restarted Maya Angelou's I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings on my Kindle. I started it the first time last summer but never finished it. 

On My TV This Week
We finished Madmen's last season and I've caught up on Parenthood. Just have Glee to catch up on now. And I've had a hankering for Harry Potter because the books and movies have always been a part of our summer. I have the set on my Kindle so perhaps I should read them first. I do love J K Rowling's writing.

Listening to
Just the sound of the freezer running right now.

On the Menu For This Week
I never followed May's plan and will probably be using some of those menu items for this week. You can find May's menu here.

On My To Do List
Well, it won't be laundry! Actually, I hope to wash the shelves in my fridge because it is pretty empty right now and a good time to do it. Then, of course, I need to get to the store to put some food back on those shelves!

Happening This Week
This afternoon one son is participating in the state track meet because his relay team won gold at our local league championships last week, so my mother and I will be going to that (just to see the one race, otherwise we would be there all day). Tomorrow night is fine arts night at the school where one of my other sons is playing in the band and my daughter is singing in the chamber choir. Wednesday hopefully my washer will get fixed but I am anticipating a part will need to be ordered... at night is youth group at church but I think my daughter can drive everyone to that. Thursday I have the rest of a root canal (joy!). Friday is a phone meeting with DCF (I have a foster son). Saturday two sons have to be driven almost an hour away to the scout camp they will be working at this summer, dropped off and then picked up (3 hours of driving?). Sunday is seminary graduation for 3 of my students, including my daughter. Plus my nephew and his wife and ADORABLE 5 month daughter are visiting so I MUST make time to visit them some more. (We spend yesterday at my sister's house for a big family picnic which was wonderful.)

My Simple Pleasure
Kissing the top of the head of a sweet, sweet baby.

Homemaking Tips
Here is my quick and efficient (imo) method to cleaning bathrooms:
  • shake out rugs (right in the bathroom, it's too long of a walk to go outside)
  • vacuum floor
  • take garbage pail liner out, hang on door (if you use plastic grocery bags like me)
  • use microfiber cloth to dust off items on vanity, pile in garbage pail, place right outside bathroom door
  • use disposable duster (like swiffer) to dust lights, mirror, countertops, hanging pictures, window sill, then sink, then toilet)
  • clean inside toilet bowl
  • fill sink with warm water, sprinkle in a little Borax, swish water to dissolve
  • wipe sink, countertop, faucet with microfiber cloth dipped in water from sink, door and cabinet handles, light switches, then toilet
  • drain sink and swish some water around to rinse
  • dry sink with hand towel then use damp hand towel to wipe any spots off of mirror and to buff faucet
  • quick second vacuum of floor
  • mop floor
  • done!
  • (I clean my shower with a magic eraser while I am in there. If I am really good I will do one wall a day. Once in awhile I will spray the walls and door area with bleach gel right before getting out and let it sit.)
Looking Around the House
There are some papers to put away, but I managed to give the main floor a good vacuuming Saturday so it is looking pretty good.

From the Camera
My daughter's last dance recital. I loved watching her perform because she has great stage presence (and received special recognition for that too). 

Prayer List
My kids.

Bible Verse
John 14:15  "If ye love me, keep my commandments." It's as simple as that!

Have a great week!

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  1. Hope your son's track meet went well.

    I thought I was the only one to vacuum floors like the bathroom. And I don't know why in the world I've never thought to hang the trash bag on the door handle while I'm cleaning. Sometimes it's the simplest things we over look.

    Congrats to your daughter for her recognition.