March 4, 2009

I'm Just a Copy Cat

I am not a creative person, but I have the gift of recognizing a good idea when I see one! While checking out some great tips on Works for Me Wednesday I came across this great post entitled
10 Small Things That Make My Everyday Life Easier. Now, I'm all for making my life easier, and I love lists; what couldn't be better?

So here is mine:

10 (Small) Things That Make My Life Easier

  1. Bags. I have a bag for seminary. A bag for scouts. A bag for church. A bag for prizes (for seminary and scouts). All this in addition to my purse. Everything is ready to go. Lots of things have a place to go. And they are easily portable. Love my bags.
  2. Crock Pot/Slow Cooker. At the very best I can make a delectable stew, or a pot roast that does not have to be browned first. Or I can cook a chicken to have on hand. At the very least I can throw in some frozen meat along with some kind of flavored sauce and serve it with rice or noodles. Once it's cooked, that is.
  3. Blogs. And the favorites/bookmarks option. That's where I find such great ideas from some great people who are willing to share.
  4. Scriptures. I will paraphrase a great quote that keeps getting passed around: Someone keeps adding to the scriptures because every time I read them I find something new. They are full of advice you can count on. They strengthen me and prepare me for the day ahead.
  5. Prayer. I wasn't planning on putting spiritual things on this list, but I cannot help it. They matter that much. A conversation with my Father in Heaven is the best way to help my day.
  6. Calendar. I have a desk blotter type calendar on my refrigerator. With three children, scouts, dance, school activities, band, doctors, and dentists, it is an absolute must.
  7. Spiral notebooks. For note taking and list making.
  8. Small chocolate candies. In my purse. Need that pick-me-up. Dove milk chocolate with almonds is my favorite.
  9. Books/talks on cd. Now that I commute an hour a day, I am loving the time to listen to inspiring words. I also have the New Testament on cd and started using that to "read" the scripture block I will be teaching the next day in seminary. Right now I am listening to a talk on the Power of the Atonement.
  10. E-mail. I can ask people questions at any time of the day or night. I can relate information to large groups of people at one time. Think of how much time we save by not having to call 10 people about a meeting when we can write one e-mail. What did we ever do without it?

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