March 27, 2009

A Pale Shade of Green

I had been feeling guilty about the amount of paper towel we would use and throw away.
I was also feeling overwhelmed about our grocery bill.
So we decided to try to go without paper towels.
We put our open roll in the pantry.
I loaded a drawer with white terry cloth rags that I had previously purchased at my warehouse store.
And for the messy things that need to be wiped up and thrown away we use old paper. There is always plenty of that around.

It has been at least two months.

And I don't miss them at all.

Now to get rid of the paper napkins...

1 comment:

  1. It is not bad! A little extra laundry but not really even a full load! Get some cute cloth napkins, really pretty and fun and that will motivate you on napkins, because you'll want to use something you like so much. Maybe even have the kids each pick out their own, do they really have to match?!

    Go Christy for going green!!