January 7, 2012

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaned the kitchen and bathroom today.
It always amazes me how shiny everything looks when it's done.
We don't realize what a residue cleaners leave sometimes, let alone what we breathe in when we are using them. Meanwhile, my pores got a good cleaning!

I'd been wanting to try a steam cleaner, and then two years ago a bought this one:

(click here for information)

I don't know a lot about the other cleaners available, but the reason I bought this one was because it gets the water hot enough to kill mildew, and we have a mildew problem in our bathroom. (It does not clean the mildew, just stops it's growth, so I still have to use cleaner with bleach, yuck.)

The cons are it's expense and it's weight. Also, the attachments are difficult to take apart.

The pros are that it works very well on my counters and floors. I do not use all of the attachments, really I just use the floor brush and the single nozzle (for everything other than the floor, I just spray the steam and then wipe with a cloth).

I also have a Shark handheld steamer for quick cleanups, which is much more convenient, but does not do as good of a job.

I like using less chemicals in my house, and saving money too. (I do use distilled water because we have well water issues, but a gallon of distilled water costs $1, a much better price than a gallon of cleaner!)

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