January 3, 2012

Christy's Breakfast Cereal

I have tried to like oatmeal, but I just cannot stand the consistency of it.

(I even tried putting peanut butter and chocolate chips in it once. Yes, it was gross.)

I have also tried dieting many times and own numerous diet books.

Both of these factors lead to the discovery of my breakfast cereal.

One of my diet books (and if I could find it I would give proper credit)
had a recipe for homemade granola cereal, and this cereal stems from that idea:

@ 1/2 C rolled oats (I have quick cooking so that is what I use)
@1/4 cup dried fruit/fruit/nuts combo (I have a bag of trail mix leftover from something else and so that's what I am currently using)
skim milk
1/2 T maple syrup (not pancake syrup, but real maple syrup)

The oats are not cooked and they will soak up the milk so I use almost a whole cup of milk. Compared to other boxed cereals it is mushy. But, compared to cooked oatmeal, it so much better in my opinion. The maple syrup gives me the motivation to eat every last drop.

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