August 28, 2012

Happy Homemaker Monday August 27

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It has been a busy couple of weeks and today was no exception.  It is actually Tuesday already, but I still wanted to contribute this week!

The Weather
Still beautiful here in New England.  Today was about 86 degrees - hot in the sun but a nice clear, cool breeze and the evenings are perfect.  We can use some rain though.

On My Reading Pile
Still working on The Devil in the White City: A Saga of Magic and Murder at the Fair That Changed America by Erik Larson.  It is very interesting but full of information and characters that it takes some concentration.

The New Testament - I am actually going to make it!  I am on Revelations 13.

There is more on my Kindle and others I haven't finished, but now that summer vacation is over, I do not know how much I will be able to read.

On My TV
No change there, still haven't gotten to last week's Netflix movies.  Did I say we we've been busy?

On My Menu
This is getting embarrassing...  

Tuesday - children's choice for the last supper - baked ziti and salad
Wednesday - Okay, you have to understand, my schedule has become insane.  Just read my to do list below.
Thursday - Oldest son's birthday.  His choice.  But what is it?  Don't know yet.
Friday - I give up.

On My To Do List
This is the last day of summer vacation for my crew.  DCF is coming in the morning to interview me and collect paperwork to license my husband and I for Foster care.  Our son is already placed in our home, but the process is not completed.  Today I had to write up autobiographies for me and my husband and our three children.  Then I have to run to the high school to get edline registration codes for our foster son and find out if his social worker turned in the rest of the paperwork.  Then I have to go to the natural food store and the warehouse store and the grocery store.  Then I have to make dinner.  Then I have to drive back to the high school (did I mention that it is not in my town?) to bring my son and f. son to cross country practice.  Then I have to come home and finish/eat dinner.  Then I have to drive back to the high school to pick them up.  Then I have to try and get everyone organized and ready for the first day of school and in bed at a decent hour.  Their bus comes at 6:25.

What I am Creating
Working on my seminary class.

Homemaking Tip
Family meetings!  With the start of school this week and the crazy schedules, we held a meeting while we sat around the dinner table Sunday night (one of the only nights we are all there at the same time), discussing the time demands of the family, who needs to be where and when, what our expectations are, and if anybody needs anything or has any gripes or concerns.  It's most beneficial if we do this every Sunday so we can plan for the coming week.

From the Camera
Nothing this week.

Bible Verse
Nothing at the moment, but I will state that I love John's writings in the New Testament, even Revelations!

On My Prayer List
My family (especially my kids), my seminary students, and fellow seminary teachers.

Have a good week everyone!

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