August 16, 2012

Update, Yes, I am Still Here

So how is the DASH diet going, I have no idea. Not there yet. I am, however, trying to make small adjustments as I go. I just haven't had the energy/drive/enthusiasm to fully research and jump right in. But I am working on it, really. I've downloaded a DASH diet cookbook on my Kindle, which I have been perusing. I even bought the ingredients for a couple of recipes, although I haven't made them yet. I've had my special cereal a couple of times, but today was chocolate chip pancakes. Don't yell. This morning all three of my kids were home, my daughter had been asking for them, and, well, it is a special summer treat. So I keep telling myself (and my doctor) that once school starts in two weeks it will be easier to get into it.

But all is not lost, in the meantime, I went for a follow up on my blood work and (girly) test results, and am happy with everything. Plus, I lost 5 pounds in water weight!  Yipee! I can tell because my ankles have become shapely. And yesterday my husband and I took our newly 16 year old daughter and her friend to NYC to see CHICAGO (a very naughty but very funny show) - my first Broadway show ever! And it was so expensive that it will probably be my last! Will be sticking to the travel versions that come to our local theater, and even they are expensive. But, MY POINT IS, we walked from Grand Central Station (which is beautiful, btw) to the Ambassador Theater - about 14 city blocks, with a heavy backpack and an umbrella, because it poured. Let me tell you, walking in Manhattan, in the rain, with an umbrella, among ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE, who walk really fast, playing dodge-the-umbrella, was quite an adventure, and quite a workout for me. But I did it, and did not even need to take Advil when I got home. This would have been much, much, harder on me if I was still carrying all of that water.

ANYWAY, the whole point of this post, is to share with you something that I think will help inspire me to become more DASHing. It is a post on pantry organization from The Social Home (which I found through The Passionate Penny Pincher). Anyway, what is more inspiring to an organizing junkie like myself than a pantry full of clear containers holding lots of healthy grains and herbs and spices? (Go to her site to see - I do not want to steal her pictures.) My pantry is fairly organized, but there is always stuff that sits in the back and is ignored. Organizing is always a great way to start fresh and also to find great things you already had but forgotten. I've already gone through some of my spices and thrown out the mixes that had salt as one of their first ingredients, but there is more to do.

So that is that. I really appreciate coming across a post that inspires me to do something that is good for me. Tonight I am going to try a healthy chicken recipe. Will share if it's a hit.

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