September 20, 2012

We Have Become the Cleavers

For about a year, while our cable company was in the process of switching to digital, we were able to watch the non-premium cable stations, which included TV Land. We became big fans of Leave It To Beaver. That 50's/60's housewife personification fascinated me. Why would you want to do your housework in a dress? Change clothes to go to the store? How did she make such elaborate meals with that little kitchen?

We have become THAT family. But only in one way. We have decided to eat dinner in the dining room! I know! That's just crazy! (P.S. I do not use my china - the plates are too small.)

We haven't used our dining room lately for anything but a place to put stuff that doesn't even belong in there. It is too small for family gatherings like Thanksgiving. But it fits our immediate family just right.

For awhile we ate in the dining room for Sunday dinner to make it special. Then we stopped for some reason. For a long time we had our family computer in there. The room was an absolute mess during that time in our lives. But since we finished the basement and moved the computer downstairs (or switched to laptops), the dining room has become a lonely place. 

Until now. We have started eating dinner in there every night (every night that we are home to eat dinner, that is). But the reason we are doing it isn't to make dinner special (although it sort of does) or to make use of our dining room (although it is nice to use it), but to make our kitchen table


See, there is a certain person in our family who is struggling with doing homework. Well maybe not struggling, because he/she is just not doing it at all. So, homework is now done at the kitchen table. Even though the two other high schoolers are good about getting it done, they have agreed to come to the table to do their work too. 

Words cannot express how much I love it. It is my favorite site. I don't know why. I have even had just the neighbor's daughter sitting there doing her homework (while my daughter, her best friend, slept on the couch instead of joining her). Loved it. The idea of my working on dinner while they sit so close to me...hey, I will even get them a glass of milk if they ask : ) . Sometimes it is later and I am sitting down with them to work on my seminary lesson while they do their homework.

And there are discussions! Last night it was about the Dred Scott decision. And they help one another! It is probably because it is new and its novelty will wear off, but right now, it is our family at its best.

(this was actually taken this past summer while they were working on summer math packets, but you get the idea)

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