May 28, 2013

Homemaking on Tuesday!

Life has been very, very busy. Now that my father has passed, my mom has to sell their house, the sooner the better. So we have spent the weekend cleaning out Dad's things, getting rid of furniture, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. While we have been at my mom's, nothing has been done over here. I realized this morning that my DCF support worker will be stopping by for her quarterly visit, so I had to stay home from Mom's to take care of some things around here.

First on the agenda, however, is grocery shopping, so that means menu planning, as best as I can.  This week's schedule:

Tuesday - therapy at 7pm - grilled chicken, roasted potatoes, green beans
Wednesday - Halos at ?, working at mom's, youth group - looks like fast food or Friendly's
Thursday - scouts at 7 pm - kielbasa and beans, coleslaw, cucumbers
Friday - husband camping - baked ziti, salad, bread
Saturday - husband camping - chicken soup, rolls
Sunday - pot roast, potatoes, carrots

Notice the last four are one pot meals and all can be made in a slow cooker if need be. That way if I am  spending the day at my mother's I can get it started before I leave.

Now to make my list...

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