July 22, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday July 22

Good morning, it is Happy Homemaker Monday! And I AM a happy homemaker, well maybe more of a happy camper, because it is COOL this morning. The air conditioner is turned off after weeks of constant running and the windows are open. It feels great. Go to Sandra's blog for more Happy Homemaker Monday, and thank you, Sandra, for hosting this and inspiring me every week.

The Weather
Well I already told you about today, but we have cooler temperatures all week (and some rain, which at this point is much needed), and even lower temperatures the following week, which will be lovely for me but not as great for our pool. I have been in my pool more often this year than in the last three or four years combined. Two days ago the water was 91 degrees, but even with our solar cover on it now, it will begin to drop. Right now it is 72 degrees outside with a "real feel" of 82 degrees due to the 82% humidity. I can take 82 degrees, no problem!

Right Now
It is 11 am and I still haven't eaten breakfast. That is one thing about the hot weather we had been having, it has killed my appetite and I've dropped about 8 pounds. Now if it will only stay off... . 

About how comfortable I am! I know, on to another subject, but really, it has been so oppressively hot. Now I know some of you live where it is even hotter, but it is also really humid here, and that is what makes it unbearable. That and the fact that we only have one window air conditioner... . I actually might accomplish something today because I am not dying of the heat.

On My Reading Pile
I devour books during the summer, because I really don't have the brain capacity to read during the school year. But I read them so fast that I do not always remember everything I read. I read The Paris Wife by Paul McLain. I liked it but I hated it. I liked the book in general, and loved the feel of it - the intelligent voice of the writer - but I did not like the betrayal of her husband in the end, that was hard to take. But it was interesting and worth the read, just not something I would pick up again. Now I am reading Gone Girl, and the ONLY reason I am reading it is to unravel the mystery. Otherwise I hate it. I hate the characters, the common language, the awful way they treat each other, everything about it, but I HAVE to find out what happens (and see if my theories are correct), so I will finish reading it. Felt the same way about the Twilight series - only read it to see what everyone was talking about and then finished it to see what happens.

On My TV
I finished all three seasons of  Downton Abbey. Fortunately a friend warned me that I would be really mad at the season finale, so I was aware of something awful and not as disappointed as I would have been. We have two Netflix movies that we haven't watched, and I think I will send them back today and get something else.

What I Found While Surfing the Net
Nothing new this week.

On the Menu for this Week
I think I will be winging it this week. Half of the family is away and one is only here half the time. That leaves me and my youngest so it may be a high fast food intake week, or lots of macaroni and cheese, who knows.

On My To Do List
Pretty much everything. Laundry, of course, although I am doing SO much less laundry with kids out of the house. However, this weekend, when they all come back - well that's another story. I also have to vacuum and mop and dust, but I am really hoping to tackle my bedroom - which means purging a lot of stuff, as it becomes the catchall for the rest of the house. I do have some bookkeeping work to do this week though.

Looking Forward to this Week
A quiet house! My husband, foster son, and daughter are all at camp until Saturday. My oldest is working at least two days this week, and my youngest is like me: we like to keep to ourselves and do our own thing. He writes, reads, goes for hikes in the woods.

Looking Around the House
I have the signs of picnics past on my counter: hot dog rolls, paper plates, and soda. I have bags of the personal belongings of kids in our scout troop whose moms have dropped off because the stuff was forgotten and they heard my husband was going up tonight. There is a lantern and a fan that people took out to bring with them and then did not for some reason, leaving to me to put away. And lastly, there is a can of beans that was never used for dinner the other night that needs to go back downstairs on the storage shelf. Oh, and laptops on the table. Always laptops on the table.

From the Camera
My lovely daughter, leaving for her last year at camp.

On My Prayer List
The usual suspects: my kids, mom, in-laws.

Bible Verse
James 1:5 "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him."

I have been thinking a lot about prayer lately, how bad I've been about it, and making it an area of study to help me improve my communication with the Lord.

Have a great week!

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  1. I'm still upset over Downton Abbey and I watched it live way before it even came to the States LOL That last episode really irritated me. LOL

    Good luck to your daughter at camp :)

    And good job on the weight loss, that is wonderful.