August 11, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday August 11 2014

Good morning! It was a busy weekend, but a very fulfilling one. I had training for my seminary class which was fantastic - I cannot wait to start! When I got home my daughter and I went to Target for goodies for her dorm. She bought everything. Love her sense of responsibility. Yesterday we visited with my in-laws and brought dinner. They are getting older and and it is nice to be able to do for them, they have done so much for us. So it is Monday again, and time for Happy Homemaker Monday, hosted by Sandra at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom! Go see her for more Happy Homemaker Monday and lots of inspiration!

Breakfast Time...What's on the Plate This Morning
Nothing yet! I may indulge and fry a couple of pieces of bacon and eggs - my favorite breakfast - along with a piece of whole wheat toast. By the way, I have lost 19 pounds so far! Then I may make a small fruit smoothie for more goodness. Everyone else is gone already.

On Today's To Do List
I have to call the oral surgeon to reschedule my daughter's follow up appointment (she had her wisdom teeth out last week), take my car for an emissions test, hopefully get my hair cut, a couple of loads of laundry, pick up around the house, quick vacuum of the main floor, clean upstairs bathrooms, and (hopefully) pick up my two boys from scout camp. I haven't seen them in three weeks!

Currently Reading
I am all over the place right now. Started a couple of books but didn't like them enough to continue. I just downloaded Letters From Nam but haven't started it yet. Now that seminary is near, my fiction reading will probably slow down.

On the TV Today
Probably nothing. With the boys coming home today we will want to catch up with them.

The Weather Outside is
Beautiful! We have had such a wonderful summer! This morning I have the windows open, it is cool and clear (humidity level is comfortable), 68 degrees according to, with a high of 83. Looks like we may get some heavy rain the next couple of days, but that is okay because we really need it. That is the down side to so much beautiful weather, unfortunately we need a balance of both. Our pool's water level is too low to run the filter now.

On the Menu This Week
I will have my whole family back by the end of the week, so it is time to menu plan once again! I will be updating my monthly menu and you can see it here.

If I Have a Few Minutes to Myself, I Will
Probably work on seminary - there is a new teacher's manual I need to start reading.

New Recipe I tried, or want to try this week
I don't know if I will get to it this week, but this looks so good: 

In the garden
We have gotten a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers, but with little rain we haven't gotten more than that. Cannot wait for more tomatoes - there is nothing better than garden grown tomatoes.

Favorite photo from the camera
My 17 year old's birthday with his favorite things - lots of friends!

Homemaking Tip
Found this on one of the memes you see on Facebook: cook fish on the grill without sticking by laying it on top of lemon slices. You are infusing it with lemon at the same time! Think I may try that this week.

Blog Post to share
With my kids getting close to leaving the nest, this is important to me (it is not specific to a particular church):

Praying for
My kids, my mom, my in-laws.

Bible Verse, Devotional

Have a great week!


  1. I pinned that beef enchilada dip. It looks like a great change-up from the tacos that we seem to have for dinner almost weekly over here. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Happy belated birthday to your son. That's a really neat picture of him with the cake. Sounds like you had a busy day. Hope the rest of the week is great for you.

  3. Hello, I'm visiting from Happy Homemaker Monday. Your day sounds chock full and productive. Have a great week.

  4. You know one thing I don't miss about living back in Arizona, were the emissions testing for the cars, I'm so glad they don't do it here in Idaho.

    I am SO proud of you, 19 pounds is a HUGE thing. Way to go Christy :)

    Love the pic of your son, happy birthday to him.

    Have a wonderful week!