September 22, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday September 22 2014

Well, it is 9:40 pm but it's still Monday! I had a doctor's appointment today which kept me from HHM, and I thank God for reminding me about it, because it popped into my head while I was praying this morning. A friend once told me that God is a good secretary - ask Him how you should prioritize your day, or what you should be doing, and He will tell you. He is also wonderful at reminders. I am truly grateful that He helped me with that today. And I should NEVER make appointments on the day after a weekend or holiday, because I have a very hard time remembering them.

Breakfast Time
Lately I have been eating oatmeal, cooked oatmeal! I used to hate it, but I have been making it with milk instead of water and adding brown sugar and a good amount of cinnamon. My only problem is using the sugar, but I cannot bring myself to eat it without some sugar.

Looking Around the House
Clean!!! We had family over yesterday to celebrate birthdays and the house got cleaned Friday and Saturday, so today I was able to take a little break. Now I just need to climb up to attic and take down some fall decorations.

On Today's To Do List
The doctor's appointment was the biggest thing, but I also had to soak and bleach my white rags and towels and pick up the boys from cross country practice. Oh, and prepare my seminary lesson. And I got roped into more laundry because my son fell asleep with his half finished. That is why I am still up, waiting for the dryer to finish.

Currently Reading
Nothing at the moment.

The Weather Outside Is
Beautiful! Our first day of autumn was perfect. Cloudy in the morning, but the sun prevailed and it was in the 70's with a nice breeze. The leaves are changing color too!

On the Menu This Week
Not much. It is Durham Fair week, which means my husband won't be here past Wednesday and the boys will be coming and going. We have leftovers from yesterday's party, so this will be an easy week. My menu can be found here.

If I Have a Few Minutes to Myself I Will
These days the answer is take a nap. I get up at 4 am, but I am finding that I cannot sleep more than 5 hours usually. My bladder wakes me up and then I most often cannot fall back to sleep. Yesterday I slept from 9:30ish to 2 am. So when I can, I take a nap.

One of My Simple Pleasures
Driving down a country road in New England on a rainy day in the fall. When it is cloudy and rainy, the colored leaves seem especially bright. I just love this time of year.

Favorite Photo From the Camera
My mom and I took a trip to north to see this girl. I miss her but I wouldn't want her hanging around here! It is fun to share her life with her and see her spreading her wings. Plus, we get to share in the experience a little bit!

Praying for
My kids, always, our parents.

Bible Verse, Devotional
While preparing my seminary lesson, I thought of Peter beginning to doubt while he was walking on the water towards the Savior, and how he began to sink. I thought of how we are almost always met with opposition whenever we try to get close the Lord, and how easily I can get discouraged or forget my desire to be closer to Him. Inconsistency is a big weakness of mine. But I find hope in the example of Peter. We learn of his weaknesses, but in spite of them he became a great defender and ambassador of Christ. So instead of beating myself up whenever I falter, I am trying to remember to get right back at it, working my way toward the one who loves me unconditionally, in spite of my weaknesses, the one who suffered in Gethsemane and died for me because of my weaknesses. It has finally sunk in, that He wants me to come to Him when I falter; that is what He is waiting for. He will always be there waiting for me, helping me get back up and keep going.

Have a great week!

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