January 5, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday January 5 2015

Happy new year! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and hope you were able to relax a bit. I sure did. Things are still not back to normal, whatever that is. My seminary class does not start up again until Wednesday since some schools are still on break because they recognize Three Kings Day. My kids started back today but my daughter is still on hiatus from college so she drove them to school this morning. So, even though I woke up when everyone else was getting up, I was able to stay in bed and get some more sleep.

The weather outside is
cold! My phone says it is 33 degrees but not all 33 degrees are equal! This 33 degrees has a very cold wind with it. It is a beautiful, sunny day, however. We got a little snow on Saturday but then it rained on Sunday and washed it away. So, since we haven't had any real snow yet, we have not gotten used to the inconvenience of bad weather for travel. I'm afraid we are getting a little spoiled and it will catch up to us, but not in the foreseeable future.

On the breakfast plate this morning
I plead the 5th. Lunch will be leftover ham and rice.

As I look outside my window
I see the trees blowing in the wind.

Right now I am
Drinking a bottle of Propel, listening to the washer running, and getting ready to relax for about an hour before making a huge salad for the week. I am also saying goodbye to my daughter who just left for work. Oh, and I am celebrating because she earned all As in her first semester in college!

As I look around the house
I see groceries that are waiting to be put away. If I turn around I will see the bare Christmas tree that still needs to be taken down and boxed up and the few ornaments that I still need to pack up. That's next on the list so I can have the boys hall the ornament boxes up to the attic.

On today's to do list:
Today: finish putting away groceries, finish packing ornaments, make salad, pick up son after practice, stop at Walmart, make dinner, pick up other son at late bus drop off (their practices end at different times). 

Tuesday: send out emails to bookkeeping clients, vacuum main floor, mop kitchen, prepare seminary lesson, wash colors, sheets.

Wednesday: clean upstairs bathrooms, wash towels, prepare seminary lesson, go to swim meet.

Thursday: clean bedroom, wash sheets, dentist appointment, prepare seminary lesson.

Friday: clean basement, wash sheets, go to swim meet.

Saturday: dust & vacuum main floor, put back items misplaced by Christmas decorations.

Sigh, every year I think the same thing: how am I going to fit in work? But somehow I manage.

Currently reading
nothing, and it doesn't look like I will get to anything before seminary starts again.

On the tv
I still have the crucifixion to watch on Jesus of Nazareth. My daughter started watching Gillmore Girls on Netflix so I get sucked into that sometimes. It is set in Connecticut, which is where we live, so we get a kick out of their portrayal of us Connecticut Yankees. *Note, although I have known people who have money and summer on Martha's Vineyard, I have never known anyone so rich to have a live-in maid. A cleaning lady who comes to the house once a week, yes, but not a live in.

On the menu this week
this can be found here.

Favorite photo
My brother in-law just started up a Beatles tribute band and we went to see their first show on New Year's Eve. We got to sit in the front row, which meant we had to take photos for them. I got home and realized I had taken almost 1,000. My brother in-law often came out blurry because he would not hold still!


Have a great week!

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  1. We're having the same windy weather here. I'd prefer freezing temps over this bitter wind!