December 31, 2014

December Menu

It is cookie month for me! Cookies for my family, cookies for various parties and activities, and three large trays of cookies for my husband to bring to work.
That explains the photo above.
(I won't add that cookies become their own food group in the month of December.)
Also, both high schoolers start winter sports today, which means quick (or make ahead) dinners with easy clean up.

01  Mon  Pasta Night:  Ziti with jarred sauce and lots of mozzarella cheese, salad, garlic toast (note to self: preheat oven before picking them up).
02  Tue  Chicken Enchilada Casserole, corn.
03  Wed  Fast Food from practice to youth group.
04  Thu  Soup and Sandwiches (btw practice and scouts)
05  Fri  Calzones/pizza for two (everyone else is gone).
06  Sat  School Play:  Pantry Taco Soup
07  Sun  Boston Road trip to see daughter's dance performance.
08  Mon  Pasta Night:  pasta with jarred sauce and mozzarella cheese, salad, garlic toast
09  Tue  leftover Thanksgiving turkey (from freezer), stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans
10  Wed  sloppy joes, rice, mixed veggies *note, cook chicken for Friday
11  Thu  hot dogs, baked beans, corn
12  Fri  chicken quesadillas 
13  Sat  something out or pizza, a busy night - tis the season!
14  Sun  time for some chicken soup
23  Tue  pasta, salad, garlic bread
24  Wed  Christmas Eve at my sister's: bringing green bean casserole, chocolate chip cookies
25  Thu  Bringing Christmas dinner to my in-laws:  Spiral sliced ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls
26  Fri  TIME TO REST pasta for kids, rice and beans for me and hubby
27  Sat  Quesadillas, corn
28  Sun  Chicken soup
29  Mon  pasta, salad, bread
30  Tue  Take kids really far away to large dance, who knows about dinner
31  Wed New Year's Eve - who knows about dinner
Note for New Year's Day:  salmon!

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  1. I love the December cookie as a food group rule! Lol Your menu looks yummy!!