December 29, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday

I don't know about you, but I am finally feeling like I can take a deep breath and relax. I love the holidays, I love having my family around me, but it is such a busy time for us moms, isn't it? All of the shopping, wrapping (my daughter did all of that, love her!), decorating, cookie baking, meal planning, shopping, preparing, and events to attend, it is crazy busy. I would really like to take advantage of this hiatus from school and seminary to do some cleaning out, but so far I haven't done any. Do you do anything for New Year's Eve? We might be; those plans always come together last minute for us.

The weather outside is
starting to catch up to the calendar. It isn't horrible - 34 degrees right now - but it has been in the 40's and 50's, which meant it was comfortable in the house, but now I am starting to get chilly. It is, however, sunny with blue skies, and that is much appreciated! No snow in the forecast so far...

On the breakfast plate this morning
was waffles with peanut butter. And some candy. I have SO MUCH candy - I always overbuy for stockings. So glad the kids are home for another week to help me eat it up!

As I look outside my window
the sky is blue, the trees are brown/gray, and my deck is holding just the table and my covered grill. Hopefully it will work in the cold on Thursday - I have been craving salmon and that is the day we will eat it! Would be nice if we can cook it outside.

Right now I am
typing this up before going grocery shopping. I cannot procrastinate that because my daughter needs the car to go to work this afternoon. Our van is being unreliable and is going back in the shop tomorrow (yep, here we go again!). So, I have to be back with the groceries (and a full tank of gas) in time for her. Fortunately I will have a couple of boys plus my husband to help unload and put away!

As I look around the house
my tree is lit, and I am still enjoying it. We put it up so late this year (one week before Christmas) so I will probably let it go until this weekend to put it away. We still have our gifts piled in the family room, and empty boxes that we use every year, but it looks festive and bright and cheery, so I am not complaining.

On today's to do list
For laundry I will be washing at least one load of bed sheets, plus I have whites to do. And, I have a load of rags in the dryer that need to be folded and put away. I am guessing my daughter has some laundry to to, so the whites may be put off another day.

For shopping I have groceries and gas. Tonight we are going to the mall for returns and then the movies to see Into the Woods.

For cleaning the main floor needs a good vacuuming, and the kitchen floor needs to be mopped. (Notice I wrote what needs to be done, not necessarily what will be done!)

For cooking I will be making chicken soup (switched with pasta which we had yesterday) and rolls - a quick meal so we can get to the mall and the movies when my daughter gets home from work.

Currently reading
I have a few books on my kindle. Hopefully I will get to read at least one during my hiatus...will post when I have read something.

On the TV today
Besides watching Christmas movies (we have gotten to Scrooge, The Homecoming (the Waltons), A Christmas Story, Mrs. Santa Claus, and A Christmas Carol), I have been watching Jesus of Nazareth - am about half way through.

On the menu this week
You can see my monthly menu here and here (which are not complete).

Favorite photo
My gift from my foster son, LOL!

Prayers, Inspiration

Have a great week!

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