December 1, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday December 1, 2014

My my, I haven't participated in HHM since October. I don't really know why. Well, I guess I do. I have been working very hard on my seminary teaching - trying to follow the Lord's direction on what and how to teach and contemplating and praying for my students. It has been a wonderful and edifying experience, but also very draining. So I manage to peruse Facebook and Instagram, but that is about it. But I miss Sandra and HHM, so instead of napping I am here, ready to participate! And let me start by saying, Happy December! And please visit Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom for more Happy Homemaker Monday!

The weather outside is
frightful. Actually, it isn't, but I wanted to say it! It is currently 48 degrees. The snow we slowly accumulated over the Thanksgiving holiday is also slowly melting. I am hoping for dry roads by the time it gets into freezing temperatures again. Especially because I once again have a student driver in the house. (And another on the way.)

On the breakfast plate this morning
oatmeal, if I get around to making it!

As I look outside my window
I still see some areas of snow, bare trees, but a blue sky!

Right now I am
sitting at my kitchen table, listening to the washing machine. I am so backed up on laundry. We have a well instead of city water and we tend to run out of water on Thanksgiving; I guess because of all of the dishwashing and cleaning going on. So, I held off on the laundry right before and the few days after and my, oh my, what a load. Still, I have to pace it out, three loads spaced throughout the day, no more.

As I look around the house
I see a lot of Christmas decorations. My daughter was home for Thanksgiving and she has taken over the decorating of this house, which is fine with me! But, as I look to my left, I see an orange chrysathemum that my husband bought for our anniversary, and a fall decoration that was missed when packing things up. So I am sitting between two holiday seasons!

On today's to do list
I really need to list the whole week, because it is a doozy:

Today:  lesson preparation, laundry, teeth cleaning, stop by mechanics to have him check out the van (check engine light is on), credit union deposit, grocery shopping, dinner preparation, back to mechanics with car #2 and return with car #1 (we have four cars that need fixing - the van is car #4), pick up youngest at 5, have him practice driving until picking up second youngest at 5:30, eat dinner, finish lesson, pack for tomorrow, go to bed by 9 pm!

Tuesday: lesson prep, laundry, upstairs bathroom cleaning, dinner prep, switch car at mechanic (if he is done), pick up boys from school

Wednesday: lesson prep, laundry, dust and vacuum bedroom, clean basement bathroom, switch cars?, pick up boys, fast food, youth group

Thursday:  lesson prep, laundry, main floor dust and vacuum, switch cars?, dinner prep, pick up boys, drop off at scouts, pick up from scouts

Friday:  lesson overview, laundry, clean kitchen, bake cookies for bake sale, take youngest to rehearsal, pick up dinner,  go to play

Saturday: bookkeeping, lesson prep, laundry, bake cookies for bake sale, dinner prep, take youngest to rehearsal, eat dinner, go to play

Sunday: church (hopefully), drive to Boston for daughter's dance program, drive home, fall into bed exhausted

Currently reading
What constitutes current? I have lots of books that I have started, but I haven't read in weeks.


On the menu this week
you can find that info here or just scroll up to the top post

Favorite photo from camera (phone)
Saturday was our girls day at the mall (and I mean all day). This year we had my daughter and her friend from college to keep us company.

Our mall has a Cheesecake Factory!


Have a great week!

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