October 30, 2012

Being Over Prepared is Much Better Than Being Under Prepared

We like to complain around here. And I am sure I will be seeing comments on Facebook (especially from the younger set) about how the forecasters cried wolf. Except that these complainers would be wrong. We were very blessed in my part of the state. I saw a map of power outages. The towns with less than 10% power outages were nestled in the south central portion of the state, right where we live! The shoreline towns are a mess, and they continue to have to deal with flooding with every high tide. So WE were lucky, my family, our neighbors, our church family. And I am very grateful. Because I would rather be over prepared than under prepared, like last year when the snow storm hit one year ago. (I just got a code red alert - there are 75 homes in town without power.)

And we did fine. Our power went off about 8 times yesterday but came right back on every time. I am not putting the bottles of water and camping supplies away until tomorrow, however, since we still have some wind and the trees are weakened. Just in case.

But all is well. Thank you for your good wishes and your prayers, they are very much appreciated!


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