January 14, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday January 14

Good morning! Once again I am joining Sandra from Diary of a Stay At Home Mom for Happy Homemaker Monday. See Sandra's blog for more Happy Homemaker Monday posts.

The Weather
Tis foggy today, which is not unusual for our neck of the woods. Our town has the highest elevation in our county, and as one man told me, we live in the clouds (it's not that high, just 800-900 feet above sea level, but I guess the clouds are low around here!). It is, however, WARM! Supposedly only 48 degrees but it feels warmer. It has been a warm winter so far. I know this because I have not had to get out my big, puffy, brown coat. Or maybe it is the scarves. I got about 4 of them for Christmas, plus I have a few, and it is amazing how warm they keep you.

Right Now
I am waiting for my parents to stop by for a visit while their dog gets groomed. (My daughter says that both my sister's and my parents' dogs are spoiled, which is true, but Mom and Dad's dog is a Shih Tzu, so grooming is necessary.) I haven't spoken to my parents in forever, it seems (probably it's been a week) so it is time to catch up. My oldest is making some breakfast - today is his first day of classes for this semester.

That I am tired! But there is no time for a nap today. Glad that I accomplished some things last week - I got both of my pantries cleaned out, plus my bedroom cleaned, which is a major accomplishment because it becomes the catch all for everything in the house.

Gone With the Wind. I will be able to just copy and paste this for the next several weeks! In the New Testament we just discussed the Savior's crucifixion, so it is weighing on my mind.

On My TV
Finished Gone With the Wind, next up from Netflix is The Artist and Elizabeth. And, AMERICAN IDOL starts this week, however Wednesday and Thursday nights are terrible tv watching nights for us, so we will be watching it a week late on the internet, just like Glee.

On the Menu
We didn't get to everything last week (thanks to leftovers), so that makes this week's planning easier, plus the boys will be camping this weekend with the scouts, so no dinners to worry about on Friday or Saturday!

Monday Vegetarian chili for my husband and I, leftovers for the kids
Tuesday Adobe Chicken and rice, corn, salad
Wednesday pasta with sausage, salad
Thursday Steak Um sandwich melts (they are on sale!), cheesy vegetable soup
Friday I'll be fending for myself - easy
Saturday my daughter and I will probably go to Olive Garden
Sunday roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans

To Do
Visit with my parents, grocery shopping, meeting with my foster son and his social worker, dinner, piano lesson for youngest son.

What I am Creating
meals, lesson plans for my seminary class

Homemaking Tip
Last week I talked about it being a good time to clean out the pantry. Another reason why? I have all of these nice and heavy plastic bags from clothing stores (as a result of Christmas shopping) that worked really well for throwing away expired canned goods and other heavy items. Garbage pick up is tomorrow. I hope our toter doesn't break the garbage truck. Obviously the best tip is to go through your pantry regularly, making sure to use up your food stores so as not to waste.

Looking Around the House
The snow is gone! Warmer weather and rain cleared most of it away, and now when I look out at my deck, I see wood once again. I also see a pile of clean plastic storage containers - the result of my pantry cleaning - which means that I now have to go through my cabinets. Later this week...

From the Camera
I do not have any new photos, so here is one of our dog, who is part pug and part chihuahua.

On My Prayer List
My kids, my seminary class, my dad, my girlfriend's son (whose surgery went well, and is now meeting with oncologists, as his tumor was malignant).

Bible Verse
"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."  Christ, with all of the love that is in his heart, asked for forgiveness for the men that were inflicting him with unfathomable pain as they hung him on the cross. It is my hope that I can have that same love for others, so that I can be given that same forgiveness for the many things that I do (and have done) to hurt others, and especially Him, without thinking.

Have a great week!

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  1. Awww that cute puppy :) Yummy stuff on the menu, the adobe chicken caught my eye :)

    Have a great week.