January 7, 2013

Happy Homemaker Monday January 7

Good morning everyone! I am sorry that I did not join last week (what was I doing?) but I did write one for Christmas Eve, see post below. I am thrilled with Sandra's new photo because I love all of the colors in it. I will write more below on why that is important to me. Join Happy Homemaker Monday by going to Sandra's blog.  Oh, and Happy new year!

The Weather
Right now it is about 34 degrees and sunny. We had snow the Saturday after Christmas and it is still on the ground, and still on my deck. Even with the sun it has not been warm enough to melt. We did have a beautiful day on Saturday, I guess it just didn't last long enough. But, the days are getting longer now, so there is hope!

Right Now
I have my grocery list and am ready to buy my week's groceries, just as soon as I am done here. I have a friend dropping by around noon so I need to be back home in time for that, so I had better hurry. (Since I go to three stores, it takes awhile!)

That the hardest part of winter for me is the lack of color. While cleaning up our Christmas decorations, I put everyone's leftover stocking candy in glass jars and they are sitting on my kitchen windowsill; and I am really enjoying the bright colors. I need to infuse a lot of color in my house to keep me cheered up, and so I think I will keep some bright candy in those jars all winter long. Also thinking of other ways to put more color around me - I have to go up into my attic and look at what pillows I have stored up there that I can throw on all of the couches and chairs.

Also thinking that I really let the food dwindle down over the holidays and I have a huge grocery list. Thank goodness my husband fixed the back of my van so I can now open the hatch and load groceries back there!

The New Testament, as always, but I am actually reading another book! We rented Gone With the Wind from Netflix, which I have never seen, and I am enjoying it so much that I bought the kindle book. I am loving it, although it will take me forever since I don't have much time to read it.

On My TV
Gone With the Wind and Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 3. Glee when it comes back again, and looking forward to American Idol!

On the Menu
Monday Good, Good Goulash (yes, that's what it's called - I'll share with you later), salad, bread
Tuesday pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes with gravy, peas
Wednesday pasta with chicken and squash, salad (this is an old Taste of Home recipe - it's time consuming but very good - will share with you later)
Thursday crock pot beef stew, rolls
Friday vegetarian chili
Saturday Adobe Chicken, rice, corn
Sunday baked chicken and stuffing, carrots

Notice my week is filled with comfort food - that's winter for you

To Do
grocery shopping and unloading, visiting (yay!), bathrooms, take youngest to dentist, pick up another from high school after swim team pasta dinner, take youngest to piano. It will be a full night.

What I am Creating
Lessons for my seminary class

Homemaking Tips
It's pantry clean out time! The first of the year seems like a good time to go through my pantry and throw out all old foods. Those beans that have been in there (opened) for forever, spices that are long past their prime. The first of the year is a great time because it's when I am ready to start eating better (sort of!) and a great time to refresh and renew. Is this a tip?

Looking Around the House
Saturday I attempted to clean the main floor. I started with the family room, got it all dusted and arranged to its pre-Christmas tree state, but then I got to the desk that has all of my stuff on it, and had about 3 weeks of bookkeeping to catch up on, so there went the rest of my day. I did manage to vacuum the floor. I left the vacuum out, hoping to get to the rest it at some point, and yesterday I came home to a clean house! My daughter had come home from church early and had a little time so she finished it for me. So, looking around the house I see a clean house, and it is such a wonderful thing to see!

From the Camera
My colorful candy jars:

On My Prayer List
My kids, my dad, my girlfriend's son who just had a malignant brain tumor removed and it is in need of rehab, radiation, and chemotherapy, a friend from church with health issues.

Bible Verse
John 14:15 - "If ye love me, keep my commandments." We talked about this today in seminary class, and how we can trust in the Lord's commandments because He has our best interest at heart. His commandments are for our own good (as opposed to say, one of my commandments to put your dishes in the dishwasher and don't leave them in the sink, which is more for my benefit!) and will make us happy.

Have I told you that in seminary every year the students try to memorize 25 different scripture passages? They are usually 1-3 verses, but some are longer. One of our longest is the ten commandments in Exodus 20:3-17. Yes, I can recite the entire passage, King James version, word for word. The reason I am telling you this is because John 14:15 is one of them. Needless to say it is their favorite, since it is the shortest one!

Have a great week!


  1. I love comfort food, having a lot of it around here too :)

    Your jars looks so pretty with the candy. I have always loved how we can decorate using things we already have around the home. They often make the prettiest decorations, don't they?

  2. You hit the nail on the head when you said this time of year lacks color ... I so agree - drab, gray, blah. Thankfully the sun is shining here today - but we need some COLOR!! I think I'm going to look around here to see what color I can add to cheer everyone up here.

  3. Winter can be beautiful, but it's just so dull. That's the big downfall.
    I just HAVE to get my Christmas decorations down soon after the holidays but the one thing I do miss is all the color.

    Your menu looks really good! Comfort food is the best! :)