July 19, 2012

I'm Divorcing

Not my husband, he's kind of cute and he puts up with me.  No, I am divorcing this guy:

I've tried a couple of recipes this past week that I was so excited about, only to be disappointed.  They both contained a cream soup.  It must be me, because we used to get along.  Sometimes I would actually pine for it.  But lately my tolerance for sodium has reached a new low. I know you can find low sodium versions these days, and maybe I will give it another chance come Christmas when it's time to make the  green bean casserole. But I think my taste buds have been saturated. 

The problem is that I still love creamy comfort food, but now I will be on the lookout for different ingredients.  Will let you know if I find anything good.  


  1. Canned ANYTHING is the devil of salt. There is so much hidden salt in EVERYTHING, it just unreal. Frozen foods are terrible..and the cream of whatever soups should be called CREAM OF CARBS!! We love to eat at my house but man it is sooooo hard to eat right that tastes good and doesnt break your pocket-book!! I feel for ya Sister, I really do!!

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