July 7, 2014

Happy Homemaker Monday July 7 2014

Good morning! Half of the year is over already, can you believe it? Speaking of half, I hit the half of a century mark on Saturday. Time goes by so fast, it's hard to believe I've been around that long! Anyway, thanks to Sandra at Diary of a Stay At Home Mom for hosting Happy Homemaker Monday. Please stop by and see her for more HHM posts.

As I Look Outside My Window
I see lots and lots of sun! Right now it is 9:15 am and 73 degrees with 71% humidity. Anyone who lives in a humid environment knows how important that number is. Here in New England the humidity level varies and makes a huge difference in our comfort levels. We have a tired out saying: it's not the heat, it's the humidity!

Right Now I Am
Sitting at my kitchen table, I've already had my breakfast and I am procrastinating emptying the dishwasher, mostly because I crave my quiet time before the others wake up. It's not that I don't love my children and I do love being around them, but it can be hard to concentrate or not be interrupted once they are hanging around. Two of my boys are working at scout camp, so there are only two with me now.

Thinking and Pondering
People have been asking me the inevitable question do I feel older? The answer is no, I actually feel younger! The reason is because my doctor switched my diuretic and it has made a huge difference in how I feel. So I am happy to say that I feel younger at 50 than I did at 49 (but not at 40)!

On My Bedside Table
This is kind of a joke for me because I have been having trouble sleeping in my bed for various reasons. Usually I spend half of the night in it and the other half in a chair in my living room. Last night I never made it up to the bed, so I don't even remember what is on my bedside table, lol! But I will tell you what I am reading: Teach Ye Diligently by Boyd K Packer and Angela's Ashes, which is really sad but I am really enjoying it.

On My TV This Week
Who knows, but we watched the second Hobbit movie this past weekend. I have been having a hankering for The Lord of the Rings but my watching partner is away...

Listening To
The sound of the air conditioner.

On The Menu for This Week
I am trying to keep track of my menu for the month, but this week is not worth it. We are going camping Thursday to Sunday so I want quick, easy meals this week, but not pizza, we have had so much of it lately!

Monday - pasta, salad, bread
Tuesday - grilled chicken, macaroni salad, corn on the cob
Wednesday - Tacos
Thursday - hot dogs and hamburgers at campsite
Friday - eating out
Saturday - not sure yet
Sunday - pancakes and bacon maybe since we will be getting back that day

On My To Do List
Vacuum, dust, bathrooms, mop, plan food for camping, pack everything, laundry, get blood drawn. This is not just today's list, but leading up to leaving for camping.

Happening This Week
I think I already told you that! I will add that we will be taking two cars, driving 6 hours, and bringing seven teenagers with us. There are about six families plus extras that are coming.

My Simple Pleasure
Chatting with my kids about ordinary things.

Homemaking Tips
Drawing a blank here.

Looking Around the House
There are a few things on the kitchen counters that need to be put away, but for the most part it is neat. It helps when half of your kids are not around!

From the Camera
We had a visitor the other day.

Prayer List
My kids, in-laws, a friend's son.

Bible Verse
Matthew 5:16 "Let  your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

In this day of doubt, unbelief, and even hatred against religion and faith, it seems ever more important to let our faith be shown. I don't think of this as preaching to people, but letting our love, joy, and faith shine like a light, that others may see it and be lead out of the darkness. I hope I can be that kind of light for others.

Have a great week!


  1. Visiting from Sandra's blog today. :)

    We love the LOTR films in our house and my daughter LOVES the Hobbit films especially.

    I hope you enjoy your camping trip.

    I really like your thought at the end of the post, I totally agree! Have a lovely week. x

  2. Oh my friend, a big big happy belated happy birthday to you :) I'm turning the big 40 in August and I am feeling my age LOL

    Hope you enjoy your camping trip :)

    Have a wonderful week!